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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle and Kyle freeze to death in Christmas horror?


Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is about to be thrown into a dangerous scenario in Emmerdale, as she and Kyle become stuck as the weather cools.

Belle (Aaron Anthony) accepts Ellis’ (Aaron Anthony) invitation to go on an adventure with Kyle, giving her optimism that they are on the right track.

Belle and Ellis find themselves alone in the jungle. Ellis’ phone rings as Belle leans in for a kiss, and he hurries out to assist Priya, leaving Belle and Kyle alone.

Priya immediately regrets phoning Ellis, who is enraged at having squandered his time. Priya shouts and tears, becoming quite disturbed, as she continues to struggle with food.

Following Ellis’ abandonment, Belle checks Kyle’s damaged ankle and decides to return home. After realizing she handed Ellis her car keys, Belle smashes her car window in an attempt to warm up a cold Kyle.

When Belle realizes her phone has no signal and is running low on battery, she becomes panicked. Belle leaves a voicemail for Ellis, shivering and terrified.

Belle is worried about what the night has in store for her and Kyle as her phone dies…

Belle and Kyle appear to be asleep and pallid, huddled in their car in the woods. Is Ellis going to come back and save the day, or will disaster strike?

Eden Taylor-Draper alluded at the peril that Belle and Kyle were about to face:‘

She tries to call Ellis and Cain, but her phone dies when she is on the phone with Cain. She realizes the weather is below freezing and Kyle is unable to walk; they’re nearly an hour away from the hamlet and have no way to return, and she’s beginning to panic.

‘She shatters the car window in an attempt to keep Kyle warm, but she has given up hope. She’s trying to keep a brave front for Kyle, but she knows they’re in grave trouble if they’re left out here all night.’


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