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Emmerdale spoilers – Liv Flaherty gets hope of freedom

Liv Flaherty has been given new hope that she will be released from Emmerdale prison.

After an alcohol overdose in her prison cell earlier in the week, the teen’s fate was left uncertain, and Friday’s (December 10) episode provided a much-needed reprieve.

Liv was being checked over by the jail doctor when she was advised she needed assistance from her loved ones because of everything she was going through.


With Aaron gone and Chas cutting her off, Liv decided to reconsider her decision to prevent Vinny from visiting her so she could have someone to lean on.

Vinny’s visit was exactly what Liv needed because she was able to provide a vital detail from Ben’s murder night.

Liv told Vinny that she recalls Ben being alive when she left the HOP, as well as hazy memories of staggering home while still inebriated.

This fresh information persuaded Vinny that he needed to begin compiling a case file to show that Liv could not have killed Ben.

“You’re not going down, alright?” Vinny promised her. “I am not going to let that happen.”

He advised her to avoid alcohol since it could cause her to lose track of anything that could be used as evidence. Vinny slammed his mother Mandy and Chas for how they’ve treated Liv when he returned home.

“How will you two look her in the eyes when she comes out of prison, knowing you both called her a murderer?” Vinny had enquired of them.

Mandy and Chas were battling with how they’d acted towards Liv when the episode ended. Will Vinny be able to disprove them?


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