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Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet exposes Meena as a murderer?

In Emmerdale, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) would never trust Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) since she knows her sister is a liar, schemer, and mischief-maker.

Is she aware, though, that she is a serial killer? Not in the least. At least, such was the case until now.

Consider Leanna’s revelation that Meena had murdered her buddy, whom she had claimed had committed suicide.


Because of the knowledge, Leanna was killed, but Manpreet is about to get information that would lead her to the shocking realization that she has no idea how dangerous Meena is.

Manpreet is dubious of the pregnancy and later comes upon a social media page for Nadine’s (Meena’s previous victim) sister, Carol, and presses the send message’ button with trepidation.

When Manpreet meets Carol, he is astounded to learn that Carol believes Meena murdered Nadine.

Manpreet struggles with the concept that her sister is a killer in the aftermath of the finding and immediately regrets contacting Carol. Later, Meena meets an unknown vehicle on Main Street and trades cash for a suspicious delivery.

Is she aware of what Manpreet is aware of?

Later, the two sisters have a brawl, and Meena realizes that the game is over.

Manpreet is demanding explanations and proof of her phony pregnancy. Meena darkens, believing her sister has passed a line, as Manpreet realizes Carol may have been correct all along. Meena follows Manpreet around with a shattered bottle. Will Meena murder her sister in order to keep her secrets hidden?


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