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Emmerdale spoilers: Meena downfall exposed, double murder horror and shock exit

Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher’s romance seems to be back on but not if serial murderer Meena Jutla can help as she throws a stunning bombshell.

Manpreet Sharma, on the other hand, learns about her sister’s tragic history.

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed the shocking stories in store for the festive season, and Emmerdale fans are in for a treat.

As they proclaim their love for one another, Dawn Taylor and Billy Fletcher’s romance appears to be growing.

However, a jealous Meena Jutla plots to ruin their relationship by persuading Lucas’ father to take his kid away from Dawn’s care.

However, Meena’s nefarious tendencies seem to intensify as she tries to frame Dawn as well.

Manpreet Sharma, on the other hand, is on the lookout for answers concerning her sister’s deadly past. Is it, however, going to cost her her life?

Dawn’s son vanishes


Dawn’s ex-boyfriend Alex shows up in the Dales the following week and announces himself to Dawn’s kid Lucus as his biological father.

However, Alex subsequently meets Billy, and the two men have a fight.

When Meena notices that things are getting heated, she jumps in to further agitate the situation by spreading rumors about Dawn to Alex, who is suddenly scared for Lucas’ safety.

Meena accuses Dawn of neglecting Lucas the next day and pushes Alex to remove him from her care.

Dawn is scared when she realizes they’ve vanished, and Billy promises to assist Dawn in locating him. Billy and Dawn share an emotional exchange that culminates in a passionate kiss.

Billy appeared to enjoy the kiss and told Dawn that he had been looking forward to it for quite some time.

Billy feels he has to tell Meena about the kiss as they share their love for one another. Meena, on the other hand, is taken aback by Billy’s decision to abandon her in order to pursue a relationship with Dawn.

Meena lays a bombshell on Billy when she confesses she’s pregnant with his child, despite their budding love.

Dawn, on the other hand, is still eager to renew her romance with Billy and promises him that Meena’s pregnancy would not hinder their relationship.

Meena’s downfall exposed and double murder horror

Hearing the baby news, Manpreet gets dubious of the pregnancy and later stumbles across a social media website for Nadine’s (Meena’s prior victim) sister, Carol, and apprehensively presses the ‘send message’ button.

Later, when Manpreet runs into Carol, he is shocked and appalled to learn that Carol believes Meena murdered Nadine.


Manpreet is irritated by the discovery and first regrets contacting Carol because she believes her sister is a killer.

Meena subsequently meets an unidentified vehicle on Main Street and trades money for a suspicious package. What is Meena’s plan for the future?

Meena reports Dawn to Social Services on Christmas Day as the town prepares to celebrate before a shocked Manpreet takes Meena’s phone and terminates the conversation.

Meena is enraged at having been caught in the act, but she decides to play the worried neighbor, and Manpreet pretends to soften, but she rapidly begins to reconsider the situation.

Later, Meena is up to no good again, this time attempting to throw doubt on Dawn’s parenting by planting heroin at Woodbine, but she is irritated by Manpreet’s interruption.

Meena tries to make a quick departure, but Manpreet grabs her arm, causing the heroin to spill. Manpreet is adamant on getting answers and seeing proof of her pregnancy, feeling her sister has gone too far this time.

Demanding to see proof, Manpreet begs Meena to present evidence from a pregnancy test. Manpreet, on the other hand, begins to suspect that Carol was correct all along regarding Meena’s homicidal background.

Meena realizes Manpreet is on to her and begins stalking her with a shattered bottle. But, in order to maintain her secrets, will Meena kill her sister?


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