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Emmerdale spoilers: Meena Jutla kills again after being caught by sister Manpreet Sharma

MEENA JUTLA’S WALLS are closing in on her as her sister’s doubts about her develop.

However, since the realities will be exposed in an upcoming Emmerdale episode, Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) is in grave danger, as she could be the next victim of the nurse’s murdering spree.

Meena has been on a murderous spree since first appearing in Emmerdale

After entering the ITV serial in September 2020, Meena – played by Paige Sandhu – has become an iconic character and has gone on a rampage since her initial appearance.

Before her move to the Dales, the serial murderer murdered four people, including her best friend Nadine Butler, whom she concealed as a suicide.

When Leanna Cavanagh started asking the wrong questions, she became another of Meena’s victims.
The death of Leanna was pretended to be an accident.

Meena then went on to assassinate Andrea Tate, a witness to her botched assassination attempt on Victoria.

Meena’s fourth victim was Ben Tucker, who was struck in the head with a kayak oar after discovering footage of the latter attempting to drown Victoria.

However, in a startling twist that will be revealed in a future episode of the show, Meena looks to be planning the murder of her own sister, Manpreet Sharma.

It all starts when Manpreet meets Nadine’s sister Carol after contacting her via social media.

During their discussion, Carol promptly exposes her worries about Meena.

Manpreet is taken aback by the rumors and initially refuses to trust Carol and regrets contacting her.

However, Meena’s truth comes to light when she is caught by Manpreet attempting to plant heroin at Woodbine in order to throw doubt on Dawn’s parenting and get closer to Billy.

Manpreet’s doubts about her sister could be her downfall
Meena will be caught red-handed as she tries to drive a wedge between Dawn and Billy

This leads Manpreet to investigate her sister, whom she had never suspected of plotting or murdering until she was caught red-handed.

Manpreet will undoubtedly wonder if Carol was aware of Meena’s deception all along.

As Meena stalks Manpreet with a broken bottle, he will be the focus of Meena’s attention.

Could Meena’s fifth victim be her own sister, in a chilling Christmas twist?

Emmerdale’s executives have yet to say when Meena will be apprehended for her crimes… if she is ever apprehended at all.

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