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Emmerdale spoilers: New video reveals Vanessa’s explosive return as she confronts Charity

Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) from Emmerdale, who makes a thunderous return in upcoming scenes, proves that hell has no fury like her.


When she realized that Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) had cheated on her with Mackenzie Boyd, the popular character made her final appearance in the ITV serial over a year ago (Lawrence Robb).

Charity has been a shadow of her old self since Vanessa’s departure, but she eventually couldn’t resist the desire she felt for Mack, and the two began dating soon after.
They confessed their feelings for one another during the October stunt week and have since grown closer, and they take their relationship to the next level in upcoming scenes, with Charity confessing her love for Mack.

Vanessa has returned, and she has heard her admission, little does she know!

The sequence in question is previewed in the above clip, which comes from next Wednesday’s (December 29) episode of the ITV serial drama.

‘She is aware – she isn’t stupid – that Charity is with Mackenzie,’ Michelle said of her return to the serial to media.

‘Clearly, her sister has kept her informed.

‘A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and a lot of time has passed.’ What she didn’t expect was to see Charity and Mackenzie as the first persons she saw. Not only that, but they were proclaiming their undying love for one another right in front of her.’

‘Seeing them in person reminds you of what Charity went through while she was battling illness and undergoing treatment.’ “Wow, OK,” I think to myself. And the first thing she notices is those two touching each other’s noses.’


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