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Emmerdale spoilers: Paige Sandhu and Rebecca Sarker reveal if Meena will kill Manpreet

Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) demise could have been precipitated by Manpreet Sharma’s (Rebecca Sarker) investigation into her sister’s background in Emmerdale.


Following Meena’s pregnancy announcement, an investigation was launched. Manpreet began digging deep, doubting her sibling’s honesty, and eventually uncovered a surprising revelation.

Carol Butler, Nadine Butler’s sister, claimed Meena murdered her sister, a revelation that stunned Manpreet, and her suspicions will develop in the ensuing scenes, leading to a potentially lethal clash.

‘I believe Manpreet has been given a ticking time bomb, and she has to learn [more]!,’ actress Rebecca Sarker told ‘She has to participate in the game as well.’ ‘I think it’s fairly nice because Manpreet has a lot of looks, and the audience will see a lot of looks that Meena doesn’t see.’ So Manpreet will say one thing to Meena’s face, then a very different mask will appear. The mask of Manpreet will be removed for the audience.

“I’ve nailed that with my sister,” Meena smugly says as she turns away. Idiot.” The audience will soon notice that Manpreet isn’t entirely convinced.’

Manpreet will go to any length to discover what her sister is truly capable of, but will she pay the price with her life?

Meena decides to silence her with a bottle in upcoming scenes after realizing she’s getting too near to the truth, but will she be successful?

‘I always have the impression that Meena would murder anyone.’ ‘She would do anything awful to anyone, but the only person she would think twice about doing it to is Manpreet,’ actress Paige Sandhu added.

‘So, when Manpreet starts doing these things, Meena won’t be able to just abandon her sister since she has feelings for her.’ As a result, she must adopt a new strategy, which is distressing for her.’

Rebecca, on the other hand, believes that while Manpreet serves Meena better alive than dead, she warns that no one is safe!

‘I don’t think anyone is safe when it comes to Meena,’ the soap star continued. ‘I believe Manpreet is more valuable to Meena alive than dead since she can always go back to her sister and meddle in her life, which is exactly what she enjoys doing.

‘She’s cold, cruel, and craves other people’s admiration.’ She accomplishes this by deceiving others. So, Manpreet, she’s more fun while she’s living than when she’s dead. She can tamper with her more and play with her. “No one else is available to do it with.” Yeah, I’m going to muck up my sister’s life. It’s a lot of fun!’


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