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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: What’s happening on Tuesday, December 21 2021

Tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers reveal Noah discovers and snatches Leanna’s ring.

Meanwhile, Dawn is shocked to learn that Lucas has vanished, and Mandy has decided to back Vinny.

All of this and more will be revealed in tonight’s Emmerdale episode.


Meena took Leanna’s ring, which she was given by Jacob Gallagher, after she murdered her in July.

Meena has kept it in her ‘bits box,’ which also holds the rest of the evidence from her murders.

At the B&B tonight, Meena is interrupted by Noah. He notices Leanna’s ring on the floor and steals it to give to Chloe as a Christmas present early.

Lucas goes missing

Dawn’s ex-boyfriend Alex showed up in the village yesterday night (Monday, December 20) and introduced himself to Lucas as his father.

Dawn was unhappy with Alex at first, but eventually consented to let him meet his son.

Meena came over while Alex was alone and informed him that Harriet was an alcoholic and Dawn was still on drugs.

Meena accuses Dawn of abandoning Lucas tonight, pleading with Alex to take him away.

Dawn is scared when she realizes they’ve vanished, and Billy promises to assist her in finding her son.

Dawn and Billy have an emotional exchange. He acknowledges it’s what he’s been waiting for as Dawn kisses him.

Billy realizes testo enane 10 di maxtreme in italia testosterone enanthate he has to tell Meena the truth as they share their love for one another.

Mandy to help Vinny

Sam is urged to make amends with Lydia by Mandy. Vinny’s attempt to release Liv will soon get Mandy’s support.

Harriet makes a huge decision

Harriet tells Charles that she intends to leave the church and rejoin the police force.

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