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Emmerdale spoilers: Two deaths, sex lies and exit


As Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) performs her ultimate act of violence in Emmerdale, there are grave situations.

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) and Vinny Ashdale (Bradley Johnson) are trapped in a barn that is filling with fumes.

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) are at a crossroads as she makes a major decision.

10th of January

Vinny is informed of Meena’s prior victims thanks to Manpreet. Vinny, who is terrified, promises Manpreet that they will be alright.

Meena then injects more medications into Manpreet using an IV set-up. Vinny is afraid, knowing that the end is approaching.

Tracy enlists Nate’s help in caring for Frankie while she attends her PND session. Nate is overjoyed to see that their relationship is starting to warm up.

Jai visits Take A Vow and requests that Leyla rehire Priya at the office.

Meena’s medical records do not indicate her pregnancy or miscarriage, which perplexes Liam.

Tuesday January 11

When Liam notices blood seeping through a dressing on Meena’s wrist, his concerns about her deepen. Meena is disturbed when Liam confesses that he is aware of her phony pregnancy.

If Liam continues to dig into her company, Meena threatens to accuse him of sexual harassment at the surgery Christmas party.

When Meena returns to the barn, she tells Vinny and Manpreet that Liam’s involvement has complicated her plans, and that today will be their last day alive.

Tracy informs Charity that she has been offered a new position in Nottingham, but she is concerned about how it would affect her personal life. Tracy feels inspired by Charity’s encouragement to take advantage of this opportunity.

Priya is resolute on her first day back, and her self-assurance grows. However, Priya is worried out due to the discomfort of her burns when a pushy and disgruntled client storms in on the warpath.

Wednesday January 12

Tracy’s heart breaks when she witnesses Nate’s anguish as she tells him that she and Frankie would be moving to Nottingham for her new work.

Tracy’s news about leaving the community catches Nate off guard and enrages him. Tracy’s insecurity resurfaces after Nate dismisses her capacity to adjust to a new environment.

In other news, Jai and Kim are still reeling from the £100,000 Health and Safety penalties they received for the survival challenge incidents.

The Dingle van is driven into the barn by Meena. Manpreet and Vinny are scared as she closes the barn doors, knowing there will be no escape from the vehicle’s exhaust fumes.


Thursday January 13 Part One

As Manpreet and Vinny’s lives hang in the balance, Meena continues to terrorize.

Priya is on the ball as she answers Cassie’s questions, but she can’t resist scratching her scars. She’s upset when she hears Cassie making light of her scratching as she leaves the salon.

Noah confides in Amelia, who is relieved to learn that Noah considers her a friend.

Thursday January 13 Part Two

As Meena’s reign of terror continues, lives are in jeopardy — will anybody be able to save Vinny and Manpreet?

After her showdown with Nate, Tracy makes a decision regarding her future – can he persuade her to reconsider?

In other news, Jai feels disappointed when his loan application is rejected.

Friday January 14

The residents of the village are taken aback. Recent events have left several in the town feeling tortured, and there is rage.

Vanessa tries to encourage Tracy to stay in the community once more.


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