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Emmerdale spoilers: Who is Fiona Murphy as Nate’s sex secret haunts him?


It’s a move that nearly cost him Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) in Emmerdale, and Nate Robinson’s (Jurell Carter) recent infidelity is likely to bite him once more.

Fiona Murphy, Nate’s one-night stand, was originally introduced to us after Nate did the dirty following a disagreement with struggling Tracy.

His justification was that he felt driven out of the relationship because she couldn’t cope with her postpartum depression.

After Nate denied – and lied – that anything had happened, Nate and Tracy worked through their troubles, and Nate made it through by the skin of his teeth.

Fiona’s reappearance, on the other hand, could only be a bad thing.

Nate paled as he received an incoming call from Fiona while out walking with Tracy and Frankie tonight.

Nate was apprehensive after ignoring the call – what did Fiona want? Is it possible that she and Tracy will meet face to face?

It comes before a dramatic fallout for the couple, with Nate being kicked out for the second time. However, Tracy is kept in the dark about Nate’s effort to visit Frankie by a disapproving Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).

Tracy feels he doesn’t care as a result, which irritates her even more – but will Vanessa come clean?

Is it possible to save Tracy and Nate’s relationship?

Amy is set to depart the screen in the next week after wrapping filming for her maternity break.


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