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Emmerdale spoilers: Will Taylor makes shock decision after Kim Tate digs up Malone’s body

Will Taylor of EMMERDALE proposes to Kim Tate after she discovers DI Malone’s body.

After being taken aback by her efforts to protect him, Will, who is portrayed by Dean Andrews in the ITV soap, proposes to superbitch Kim.


Will lets his jealousy show to Bernice in the run-up to Christmas when he thinks she’s on a date with Dan.

Will and Bernice have a honest chat about their feelings for each other, but the mood rapidly turns bad when Bernice gives Will an ultimatum: choose between her and Kim.

Kim, unbeknownst to them both, is in the corridor, listening to everything they say. She makes a menacing phone call and begins planning a ‘disposal.’

Bernice gives Will an optimistic look on Christmas morning as he feels the pressure to make a decision.

Later, as he and Kim approach Malone’s grave, he is shocked to discover it newly dug up and fears that this could be part of Kim’s retaliation if she truly did hear something damning.

However, she discloses that she removed the body so that Will is no longer linked to her and may choose whether or not to stay.

Will is moved by the gesture, and it is evident that he has made up his mind when he proposes to Kim… What will Bernice’s reaction be?

Kim’s decision to depart Home Farm in the face of all her losses startled Emmerdale viewers last month.

Millie has been taken from her, and she believes her son Jamie is dead.

To cope with the agony, fans have witnessed her strike out at others, even blackmailing Paddy Kirk into poisoning her horse.

Will, on the other hand, got the biggest shock when she told him she was leaving the village.

Kim told Will that she’d never been able to escape her previous husband Frank Tate’s assumptions about her when she first arrived in the hamlet.

“I thought I’d hit the jackpot – secretary to Lady of the Manor,” she said. 

“But Frank only really just wanted me on his arm or in his bed. That’s all he thought I was worth. 

“I keep making the same mistakes. Changing isn’t really in my nature. Maybe having to win means I always end up losing? 


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