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Emmerdale stalwart Paddy Kirk to murder Al Chapman in heartbreaking death twist?


Paddy Kirk, an EMMERDALE regular, could be prepared to murder Al Chapman in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, as the events of the Boxing Day episode of the village-based drama hinted at a vengeance plot.

Paddy (Dominic Brunt) was distraught when he and his wife Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) returned to Emmerdale from Scotland to find their home had been burned to the ruins. They assumed Al (Michael Wildman) was to blame for the disaster since they knew he planned to use the site to construct a block of luxury apartments.

When the ITV soap’s stalwart unearthed a frightening death discovery, he looked hellbent on holding the ruthless tycoon accountable, but could this lead to murder?

Viewers of the weeknight serial drama know that Al started the fire after newcomer Gavin (Ben Richards) threatened to kill him if he didn’t receive the land deeds.

The businessman had no choice but to take severe measures, which included putting a metal utensil in the microwave and turning on the gas stoves.

He did, however, ensure that he had an alibi by spending the day with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), who was eager to back him up.

Despite his denials, Paddy and Chas were certain it was him, which was even more distressing because they had lost everything in the fire.
Grace, their baby, died shortly after birth in 2018 due to the fact that she was born without a bladder or kidneys.

Paddy and Chas talked about their loss in the house where Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) used to dwell, and it was evident that the former was angry.

“I had a scan picture of Grace in my wallet and I cannot find it anywhere,” he said, to which his wife replied: “We put it in her memory box, remember?”

“Which also went up in flames,” the vet said with his head in his hands as the mother of his children said she was trying not to think about it.

“What are we going to do?” the father of two asked, adding: “That’s it, we have lost her forever.”

Trying to offer some reassure, Chas told her husband: “No, Paddy. I’m not having that. We need to concentrate on the insurance and how long we’re going to be homeless for and what we’ve really lost.”

“Because we will never lose Grace, she will always be in our hearts,” the landlady of the burnt-out pub told her other half.

“Al might have burnt down our home but he can never take our little girl away from us,” she continued, with Paddy accepting she was right.

Later in the episode, the pair was standing outside the Woolpack, discussing any new information with the fire investigator.

Al stormed over because he wasn’t thrilled with the rumors that he was the one who sparked the explosion that reduced the bar to a shell.

The vet intervened, stating that they shouldn’t be arguing in front of the fire investigator since they might all be in trouble.

“Even if the insurance pays out, it’s going to cost hundreds of thousands to start up any kind of business again,” Al explained as he tried to make peace.

“You don’t have that kind of money but I do,” he added, telling the couple he wanted to buy them out of the establishment.


“I knew it. If that’s not an admission of guilt [I don’t know what is],” Chas declared as her husband stood with a scowl on his face.

“Chas, I am seriously trying to help you out here. It’s the only way you’re going to salvage a penny,” the businessman continued but Paddy still wasn’t impressed.

Despite the fact that many people want him dead, it could be the vet who brings him down just when he thinks he’s about to start his empire.

Paddy might know the finest method to manufacture to poison the businessman because he has some knowledge of medicine and medical processes.

However, it would be modest enough that if a toxicology study was conducted, the specialists would not suspect any wrongdoing.

They’d rule it a terrible accident, and the soap’s main character would get away with the ideal murder.

Paddy has never considered murdering anyone throughout his stay on the show, despite his hatred for a number of his neighbors over the years.

Although it would be a first for the adored character, the devastating sorrow he would feel over Grace would be enough to justify killing Al in his head.

Although, because the vet gets a thrill from killing those who have wronged him, this could be the start of a dark and murky chapter for him.

As he makes more enemies in the village than friends, his reign of terror could truly begin as he exacts deadly vengeance.
He’d become more like a Dingle than he’d ever thought, but he’d push things past the point of no return.

Will Al be able to change the beloved villager for the better or will he be able to atone for the ruthless businessman’s murder?


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