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Emmerdale star Anthony Quinlan lands new role – after beating co-star Mike Parr in audition

Mike Parr of EMMERDALE missed out on a part in a new TV drama after informing his on-screen brother Anthony Quinlan about the audition, who went on to get the job.

Since leaving the iconic ITV serial, actors Mike, 35, and Anthony, 37, who played fighting brothers Ross and Pete Barton, have remained great friends off-screen.


When Mike said that he had gone to an audition for the BBC program London Kills, Anthony decided to give it a shot.

Regrettably, for Mike, it was Anthony who was chosen for the role.

“I’ve just finished a little job down in London for the BBC and Acorn TV called London Kills,” Anthony stated.

While Mike was quick to jump in, saying: “I also auditioned for it, but didn’t get it. And yes it was for the same part. I actually told him about the audition.”

Anthony added: ”That’s the thing, we go up against each other for a few things. But I’d rather he get it than someone else.

“We always give each other a little leg up if we are audition for something. And like I say I’d rather he get it than someone else.”

Mike said: “That’s easy for you to say! you got the part.”

Mike and Anthony were speaking during a special interview with Mecca Bingo’s Live From Studio M, which brought the brothers back together for the first time since 2018.

Mike recently returned from filming a series for the History Channel in Morocco, despite missing out on the BBC drama.

He said: “I’ve just got back from a job in Morocco, I was out there for a few weeks, it was for a programme called Colosseum for the History Channel.

“We were out there for three weeks, it got shut down the first time because COVID got into the cast, so we all had to quarantine, and we had to fly back.

“But then I went back, and fingers crossed it goes well and it gets aired next year. I spent a lot of time in our hotels but on the final night I was able to go out and it was amazing.

And on their bond off-screen, Mike said: “I liked working with Anthony Quinlan, we just had the best time, we came into the show together, it was always great fun.

“Our characters were always at each other and we were lucky to do so much great stuff.

“Every day was put a smile on your face, I do miss those days.”

“We all came in together,” Anthony said, “and there was this real vibe because of the number of times Mike had me in stitches on set.” By the way, he’s a pain to work with.

“He was hilarious, he was great to work with it was a laugh a minute. It was quality.”

“Our characters were always at loggerheads, always at war with each other. We got to do so much good stuff.”


Anthony described how he came off the bike while traveling at 45 miles per hour, leaving him in agony, while filming a motorbike stunt with Kelvin Fletcher, 37, who portrayed Andy Sugden in the serial for 20 years.

He said: “We did a motorbike chase with Kelvin Fletcher that was fun to do, I did the stunt myself.

Despite the fact that I came off the bike at 45 mph during rehearsals. I literally blasted a hole in my leg! I was driving around like Miss Daisy when I was actually making the takes.

“It was a terrible accident.” There was a stunt driver, but we did the majority of the work, and there was a moment when the stunt driver jumped off the side of a cliff at the edge of a quarry, which he did.

“We had some great stuff to do. All the family stuff was good.”

“We were really fortunate over the years, especially during super soap week, because our family was always participating and everything was centered around us.”

During their time at the London studio, the two competed in Mecca Bingo’s Catch the Cash and won a total of £30,000 for three players.

“It’s the most anyone has ever caught for our players,” Mecca’s Anthony Conroy said. Mike and Anthony were outstanding, and three lucky gamers each won £10,000.

“They couldn’t believe it.”

Catch the Cash is Mecca Bingo’s most popular giveaway, in which celebrities compete for as much money as they can for the lucky callers every Friday.

They’ve already given away £67,000 in prize money in the last three weeks, with many winners in tears after receiving life-changing sums of money.

Anthony added: “We’ve had so many emotional callers, with many breaking down in tears. 

“And they all said that same thing, that they will be using the money to help their friends and family.

“It’s been a tough year for so many people but now all of our winners will be able to look after their loved ones this Christmas. 

“They are going to have a better Christmas than they could have ever imagined.”

For more information about Mecca Bingo’s Catch the Cash readers can go to

Mike and Anthony reunited for the first time since 2018Credit: Mecca


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