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Emmerdale theory: Will Taylor regrets stag do mistake ahead of wedding to Kim Tate

Fans of Emmerdale will witness Will Taylor make a mistake on his stag party that might put him and his future wife-to-be at odds.

Despite his ex-girlfriend Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) trying to get involved because she still has feelings for him, Emmerdale viewers have been looking forward to the wedding of Will (played by Dean Andrews) and Kim (Claire King) over the past few weeks. Emmerdale spoilers indicate that the groom is going to do something on his stag party that he’ll later regret.


ITV viewers witnessed Harriet’s attempt to drive a wedge between Kim and Will last month in an effort to thwart the wedding because of her unspoken feelings for her ex.

Harriet took advantage of the opportunity to say that if the wedding went ahead, he might lose his daughter permanently as tensions between Kim and Will’s daughter Dawn reached a breaking point when she kicked out her future stepdaughter.

Although scenes this week will show her admitting her love for Will, Kim was enraged over Harriet’s meddling and told her she needed to stop mediating between her and her fiance.

It happens after Harriet witnesses Will’s disbelief when told that she is currently dating Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

Harriet admits to her friend Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) that she is still in love with Will despite being in a new relationship.

Wendy makes an effort to persuade her that her new romance is a good one despite the fact that Will is soon to wed Kim.

But with the wedding fast approaching, it’s uncertain whether Harriet will be able to watch her love wed another woman without interfering.

In another scene from the soap opera, Kim and Will are preparing for their hen and stag parties without realizing that Harriet is feeling anything.

Kim receives a special treat from Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), and Will departs for his own celebrations. But according to Emmerdale rumors, he’ll wind up doing something he might later regret.

According to a new theory put forth by, he may have made a confession of his own after seeing Harriet with her new partner because old emotions surfaced.

Despite being engaged to Kim, could the future groom be about to admit his feelings for Harriet? Could he go even further and give her one final kiss before he marries her?

There are some major storylines that are expected to affect the residents of Emmerdale and cause potential heartbreak as the ITV soap enters the month of its 50th anniversary.

In an interview with Digital Spy, actress Katherine Dow Blyton teased how the love triangle will all turn out, stating that unresolved feelings between Will and Harriet might cause chaos.

She remarked: “She’s becoming a little bit more enmeshed in Will’s life than she ought to be. That affects his impending nuptials,”

“There, I’m really experimenting with fire. But since this is her last chance, she must express her feelings before he walks down the aisle.

“There will be more fireworks even though Harriet is not Kim Tate. Both of these women are feisty and capable of taking care of themselves. They’ll experience low points.”

Bosses are keeping a lot of information about what viewers can anticipate from Emmerdale a secret before the show’s significant anniversary.

A few well-known actors are confirmed to make a comeback, including Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), and Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen).


A catastrophic storm is about to hit the Dales, and the show’s producer Kate Brooks has admitted that some of the residents will be in danger.


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