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Emmerdale twist as Manpreet Sharma framed for Woolpack explosion and murder?


Following the events of a fairly dramatic Christmas Day, EMMERDALE favourite Manpreet Sharma might be accused for the Woolpack explosion and the death of a village resident in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap.

Following the discovery of some dark truths about her past, Manpreet (played by Rebecca Sarker) has become suspicious of her sister, Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) on Emmerdale. It was time to face the villain about whether she killed her best friend Nadine years ago, whether she was genuinely pregnant, and whether she was really intending to report Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) to children’s services during the ITV soap’s Christmas Day episode.

However, because both women were outside the Woolpack when it exploded at the end of the dramatic episode, it appears Manpreet might be blamed for the carnage if her deadly brother was involved.

As Christmas Day approached in the community, Meena prepared to carry out her plan to eliminate Dawn by making an anonymous call to social services.

Unfortunately for her, Manpreet saw her in the act, and because they planned to spend Christmas Day together, the GP decided to share her concerns about her sister.

The medical expert inquired about Nadine after hearing from her sibling that she was merely trying to be a good neighbor and aid Dawn.

Knowing that her sister had spoken with Nadine’s sister Carol, the villain attempted to turn the tables by claiming that the mysterious newcomer was in charge of her best friend’s life.

Something didn’t feel right with Manpreet, so she followed the killer about the hamlet, unaware that another terrible plot was brewing in the background.

Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) hatched a plot to bring the Woolpack to its knees so that a new development could move forward.

He timed a metal utensil in the microwave to turn off at a specific time and left the gas stove on.

He was able to get an alibi by spending the remainder of the day with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), thus he was not held responsible.

With his strategy in place, the drama shifted back to the two sisters, who continued their squabble outside the tavern.

Manpreet found out that her sister was planning to plant a batch of heroin in Dawn’s house, and when Meena tried to get out of it, the GP told her she was lying.

She also admitted that she knew her sister was lying about being pregnant, and she agreed with Carol that the villain was dangerous.

Manpreet stated that she would assist her sister in seeking therapy for her psychotic tendencies, but the killer retaliated by claiming that no one would believe her.

“Like anyone would believe a word you say after your little text message debacle,” the villain muttered, to which her sister replied: “You may have succeeded in turning half the village against me but the police will see it differently.”

“Try it, I’ll tell everyone you’re trying to destroy my life because you have made such a mess of your own,” Meena declared.

As events unfolded, it appeared that the murderer would undress once again as she broke a bottle and threatened her sibling.

The tavern exploded in a blaze of splendor, knocking down the warring sisters just as Meena was about to attack Manpreet.


Viewers already know the couple will survive the destruction thanks to post-Christmas spoilers, but this might set up a nasty vengeance scheme.

Meena may spread more terrible lies when she tells everyone she has miscarried while the two are being treated for their injuries.

She could even go so far as to say her sister is to blame because she was the one who started the explosion in the first place.

This would mean the beloved villager would be accused of starting a fire she didn’t start and murdering a child she didn’t kill.

Because Meena has made it hard for anyone to believe Manpreet, the GP will find herself without an ally.

Her love interest, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), may believe his previous girlfriend is to blame, and Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) may believe the same.

Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) would be furious with the beloved villager for murdering his child, as he had no doubts his former sweetheart was expecting a child.

They might individually tell the authorities how many times the medical expert has lied to them in the past, adding credibility to Meena’s lies.

Unfortunately, Manpreet may become even more isolated as her life crumbles around her, leaving her with no one to turn to.


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