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Emmerdale twist as Nate Robinson’s one night stand uncovered as Ethan’s sister?


Nate Robinson of Emmerdale may soon have the surprise of a lifetime when Fiona, his one-night stand, moves to the village permanently.

Nate Robinson’s (Jurell Carter) life in Emmerdale could be in jeopardy as his secret affair is revealed, with Fiona (Yemisi Oyinloye) spilling a bombshell: she’s Ethan Anderson’s (Emile John) sister. Ethan is on a quest to discover why his mother abandoned him as a baby, and it appears that Nate’s one-night stand may hold the key.

Since his romance with Fiona, fans of the soap series have been intensely invested in Nate and Tracy Metcalfe’s (Amy Walsh) relationship.

Following the arrival of Ethan’s mother, Esme Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), Ethan and his father, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), have been dealing with their own family troubles (Eva Fontaine).

Fans have speculated on what they believe will happen to the two families on Reddit, implying that the storylines may mix.

“I’m assuming that the girl Nate cheated on Tracy with is Charles’ daughter/sister, Ethan’s which they didn’t know about until the ex showed up and told Charles she was pregnant when she left,” @ThirdCoastPelican commented.

“The girl suddenly turned up in the village, and Nate freaked out and told her to leave, and he wished he’d never slept with her.

“So that tells us she’s going to be coming back around. 

“And Ethan has suddenly decided to get back in touch with his mum, which will mean meeting his sister.”

Responding to the theory, @torilost added: “Good shout, very soapy! Completely forgot about the sister with all the deaths happening!”

@Maymiag also added: “Yeah, I totally forgot about that until this post! You’re probably right!”

Nate and Tracy’s relationship was strained after the birth of their daughter Frankie, as viewers will recall.

Tracy had a nervous breakdown as a result of her postpartum depression, and she was on the verge of abandoning her family.

Nate went out on a night out while trying to keep his relationship afloat and the farm functioning, and ended up meeting stranger Fiona.

Nate has been lying to his fiancée Tracy for weeks about what happened the night he was gone from their home.

After Nate stated he only slept on the sofa in Fiona’s house, Tracy consented to take him back.

However, when Fiona showed up in the hamlet recently, Nate warned her off, referring to the fact that they’d slept together.

Nate’s secret will be revealed in the future moments, when he informs Tracy of his secret and she kicks him out of their home.

Ethan began on a mission earlier this year to find his biological mother, who abandoned him when he was a toddler.


He spent months looking for his mother so he could figure out why she abandoned him, and he finally met her last month.

Esme revealed to her son that she was suffering from post-natal depression, but Charles assumed she was acting this way because she no longer wanted to be with him.

However, she forgot to inform Charles that she was pregnant with their second child, Naomi, and Esme’s post-natal depression reappeared following the birth of her second child, and she placed her daughter up for adoption.

Fiona could be Esme’s daughter who was given up for adoption.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that she altered her name during the adoption procedure.

What will Nate think if Fiona decides to stay in the community permanently?


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