Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ romance for two unlikely villagers after spotting clue

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale are certain that two of the women are in love.

In recent moments on the Yorkshire Dales-based serial drama Emmerdale, Suzy Merton (played by Martelle Edinborough) and Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) seemed to have a flirtatious conversation.

Before Mary realized she was being duped by fraudster Faye Helders (Jane Gurnett), they were romantically involved.

After Faye showed her naked photos to everyone in the village, including her grandchild, Mary was devastated. The heartless action stunned Emmerdale residents, many of whom came together in support of Mary.

Suzy, meantime, had a romantic relationship with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), who had previously been betrothed to Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Fans noticed “a spark” between Suzy and Mary earlier this week when they chatted about going out for drinks on the latter’s sofa.

On what used to be Twitter, X, a fan wrote: “@Spinkzilla Mary & Suzy? Who was aware?

A different user said: “@Lou Jameson Whoa, Suzy and Mary’s unexpected tension in tonight’s #Emmerdale was real! Could something more than just friendship blossom!? Although Suzy is a great friend, Mary is unsure if she will be the right person for her, so her kissing Vanessa wasn’t perfect. Curious about what lies ahead!”

Another wrote, “I fear Suzie and Mary will be groundbreaking telly #emmerdale.”

Mike went on, “Suzy and Mary might end up dating. A tiny spark was present there. #Emmerdale.

“I think Suzi and Mary might get together #Emmerdale,” wrote @Taniaaa___X.

Considering their fan base, a six fan commented, “Eye eye, Mary eyeing up Suzy #Emmerdale.”

After going through a lot recently, Mary is currently attempting to help her daughter Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), who is eager to have a baby named Ivy.

Rhona’s ex-husband, Ivy’s father Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna), lost his wife when she gave birth to Ivy before Christmas. But Rhona believes she ought to be the mother of the child because her late wife “stole” her frozen embryos.

Between Rhona and her husband Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), who had no intention of adding a new child to his busy life, it is creating a rift.

“I mean, I think the dream would be for Ivy to live with her and then [the dad] to disappear in the puff of smoke – but that’s not going to happen, is it?” Rhona actress Zoe recently told Express.co.uk and other media. Furthermore, I doubt that she would have the courage to tell herself that.”

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