Emmerdale villager ‘blames himself’ for Heath Hope’s tragic death in horror crash

Exclusive: The untimely death of teenager Heath Hope in recent scenes has devastated the Hope family on Emmerdale.

Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope from Emmerdale ultimately comes to blame for his son’s passing on the ITV soap opera. Sebastian Dowling’s character Heath Hope was killed in a terrifying car accident that shook the village in recent scenes.

On Wednesday, in the dramatic episode of the serial drama, Rebecca Bakes’ character, Angelica King, lied to the police about how Heath was killed.

After learning of the collision and that his daughter Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) claimed Angela was behind the wheel when it happened, Bob confronted her mother Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).

The vehicle belonged to Susan Cookson’s character, Bob’s partner Wendy Taylor, and the trio took a joyride that ended in sorrow.

Bob initially thought Cathy was telling the truth, but he quickly had second thoughts after learning about all of her previous transgressions from Nicola.

At a press conference for Emmerdale, Bob actor Tony talked about the heartbreaking plot with Express.co.uk and other media.

He clarified that Bob and Cathy’s relationship is “going to really test an already fractured relationship” as a result of Heath’s passing.

“There’s going to be an aspect of blaming himself, as well,” Tony said.

In response to the question of whether he would ever quit blaming himself for the catastrophe, he stated, “I think he’s certainly going to blame himself.”

The actor declared that he would think back on his relationship with the twins and examine how he raised Cathy and Heath.

Along with his real twin Gabrielle, actor Sebastian had been a part of the soap opera since they were both one month old.

Will the plot of his 17-year-old twin’s departure from Emmerdale in the next scenes?

After experiencing difficulties recently, Cathy was given a diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

In the last year, she has gotten physically aggressive with her father and has even started drinking alcohol in public to deal with her emotions.

How will Cathy handle things now that Heath’s funeral is quickly coming? If Bob believes she is the reason behind his death, will she even be permitted to attend?

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