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Emmerdale villain Al Chapman murders Cain Dingle as iconic resident’s future in jeopardy?


In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, EMMERDALE villain Al Chapman could be prepared to murder Cain Dingle, as the bad boy’s status in the village appears to be in threat.

Al (Michael Wildman) and his adversary Cain (Jeff Hordley) have never gotten along, and something about the ruthless businessman pulls out the worst in the Emmerdale bad boy.

Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) husband was seen seeking revenge on Ellis Chapman (Aaron Anthony) for leaving his son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) out in the cold all night in scenes aired this week on the ITV soap.

Cain has been warned by Al that he could be just as dangerous as him as a result of this. Is this, however, a hint that the iconic character will be killed off by his arch-nemesis?

Since the businessman arrived in the hamlet as the ex-husband of Marlon Dingle’s (Mark Charnock) wife, Jessie Dingle, Cain has had a long-standing grudge against him (Sandra Marvin).

She left the Dales after the smooth talker managed to win over his former sweetheart, while Al stayed in the village with his son.

When he had an affair with Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), Cain’s daughter, his romance with Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) was immediately shattered.

The show’s bad boy was enraged and wanted to kill his opponent right then and there, but he agreed not to do anything if the village’s father of one left.

Upon his return, he attempted to steal the Woolpack from beneath Chas Dingle’s (Lucy Pargeter) feet while also attempting to sleep with her, and Cain was not pleased because it was his sister with whom his arch-nemesis was schmoozing.

The men have a long history together, and it’s safe to say they’ll never be friends, but their newest troubles with their sons may force them to fight one last time.

Cain may believe that when they confront each other, it will be a battle of fists to see who can knock the other out first.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what the businessman is thinking, since he might be able to get his hands on a pistol and kill his competitor.

It would be too late for the local bad boy to realize, and he could end up dead on the floor just moments into their fight.

With the Dales in sorrow over the death of a beloved character, doubts about who killed Cain may arise.

After what happened to Ellis, everyone would quickly point the finger at Al, knowing he had a reason to murder the bad guy.

The unscrupulous businessman, like the Woolpack fire, could turn the tables on someone else and get away with it Scott-free.

In one of the most chilling turns ever seen on the show, he might accuse his own kid of perpetrating the crime.


According to reports, Anthony, who plays Ellis, will be leaving the program so he may leave after his father exploits him as a pawn in a very hazardous game.

Will anyone be able to figure out that it was Al who murdered Cain and put an end to his career as the Dales’ first bad boy?

Jeff, who plays Cain, has discussed his character’s future and where his ongoing feud with Al would lead him.

Jeff explained: “Cain and Al have never seen eye to eye. Cain doesn’t like Al, he doesn’t trust Al.

“In particular he doesn’t trust Al around his sister Chas. He thinks he’s a chancer a bad egg. He doesn’t like the fact he’s trying to worm his way into the Woolpack.

“Cain thinks he’s untrustworthy and doesn’t like him being around. These two have got a big issue with each other as I don’t think Al thinks much of Cain either.”

On whether his alter-ego sees Al as a serious enemy, the soap star added: “Cain doesn’t see Al as a serious enemy initially – he’s just a man who he thinks is not to be trusted and he would quite like him out of the way.”

Jeff also spoke about which side of his character he likes to play, stating: “It is great playing the darker side of Cain.

“But as with everything it is nice to have a balance – light and shade. I like it when I get both to play. It would be boring if he was always dangerous and boring if he was always soft.

“I like a bit of both. I have recently enjoyed playing the scenes with Jonny McPherson when Cain has a friend in Liam [Cavanagh]. Those interactions have been great.”

Discussing what he would like to see happen in the future, Jeff said of his character Cain: “That he stays happy and healthy and in the village!”

However, this could be a huge precursor to what’s actually going to happen in upcoming episodes as it could be anything but happy for the iconic character.

Fans have been taking to Twitter to express their feelings about Al and Cain’s feud, with Leggobeast writing: “#emmerdale #emmerdale #emmerdale Cain has reverted to his old ways. I assumed he’d gone soft.”

Ryan shared the following on social media: “Cain Al is not to be trifled with. If I were you, #Emmerdale, I wouldn’t be so arrogant.”

“Cain is wrong for abandoning Ellis like way when he should be directing his rage against Al #Emmerdale,” Jehan said.

Elaine revealed: “I don’t like Cain either, so I’m irritated that he’s making me sympathize with Al. Both of them are instances of ineffective fathers #emmerdale.”

Will people be sad to see Cain go, or will his death be welcomed because it will put an end to his battle with Al?


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