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Emmerdale wedding day murder as Dawn Taylor killed in heartbreaking twist?


Dawn Taylor, a fan favorite on Emmerdale, might be poised for a devastating goodbye from the ITV soap, as a murder could occur during her wedding to Billy Fletcher when word spreads that the couple is getting married.

Dawn (Olivia Bromley) has suffered during her stay in Emmerdale, but she is in the best place she has ever been as she begins making plans to marry Billy in the New Year (Jay Kontzle). The joyful pair opted to keep the news to themselves since Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) was enraged by the fact that she had recently lost her partner to the mother-of-one.

However, their secret will be revealed in upcoming moments on the ITV soap, and as their wedding day approaches, it appears that a villain will be plotting to eliminate the bride for good.
Dawn and Billy are still overjoyed that they will have a wonderful and happy future together, but the drama begins next week.

Despite their decision to keep the engagement a secret, Dawn’s son Lucas Taylor (Noah Ryan Aspinall) inadvertently discovers the truth.

With the child in the loop, the couple decides it’s time to notify their families about their relationship as soon as possible.

Although everyone is overjoyed, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is concerned that his daughter is moving too quickly, especially because Billy was romancing Meena only a month ago.

The former drug addict assures her father that she loves her partner and that he makes her feel protected.

Unfortunately, as more villages learn of the revelation, this could be a forerunner to the threat waiting in the shadows.

Meena will be furious to learn that Billy has asked Dawn to marry him after she wanted to go back with him on New Year’s Eve.

The villain has previously killed four people for a lot less than getting engaged to her former boyfriend, as fans of the drama are aware.

Because she blames the former drug user for the demise of her relationship with Billy, the crazy character already has a grudge against the mother.

Meena planned to put narcotics in the Taylor home on Christmas Day and called the authorities to make sure Lucas was safe.

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) managed to stop her sister from planting the narcotics, but as a result of her efforts, she became a captive.

Despite the fact that social services arrived at the Taylor residence after receiving Meena’s allegation, they exonerated Dawn of any wrongdoing.

As a result, the only way she can exact revenge on her love rival right now is to murder her in the near future.

It might happen on Dawn’s wedding day, as she prepares to marry Billy, in classic dramatic soap form.

As the bride gets dressed and examines herself in the mirror, Meena could appear behind her, seemingly putting a stop to their feud.

The villain may have other intentions in mind, as she may have a knife in her purse that she intends to use to murder the bride.

Meena may knife Dawn in the back and leave her to bleed out on the floor as she goes to give her a hug to symbolize the end of their quarrel.


With the mother of one missing from the altar, Will may return to the house to check on her and figure out what’s causing the delay.

He could be heartbroken when he sees his daughter’s lifeless body on the floor, and he could be accused of murder by the authorities.

The people would be shaken by this, as it would be the umpteenth death in as many weeks that appears to have been done by a killer.

Dawn had created a number of enemies over the years, but because her animosity with Meena was well-known, the police could question the villain first.

The villain, who is known for her manipulative abilities, would be able to wiggle her way out of any blame and provide the cops with a new suspect.

She might blame Billy for the murder and pretend that the village’s heartthrob had changed his mind about marrying his bride.

As a result, rather than marrying her, he wanted to kill her since he understood they needed to stop hurting each other.

Will Meena be able to get away with murder once more, or will the authorities figure out she’s lying?

Paige, who plays Meena on ITV’s Loose Women, predicted her character’s demise in the near future when speaking on the show.

“Yes, because Meena’s triggered such a ridiculous amount of stuff that’s transpired in Emmerdale,” the soap actress revealed.

She’s starting to feel invincible, and it could be her doom, because her behavior is becoming increasingly bizarre, and people are catching on.

“I can’t tell you whether there will be any more murders or not, but she definitely gets worse – like really worse,” she continued.

Is killing Dawn the start of a chain of events that will lead to the villain being apprehended for the other murders she has committed?


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