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Emmerdale’s Al Chapman to be beaten up in shock Christmas Eve scenes

In upcoming Emmerdale scenes on Christmas Eve, Al Chapman is likely to face terrible consequences.

Gavin, Al’s shady business associate who is involved in his grandiose plot to turn The Woolpack into luxury apartments, was recently introduced on the serial.

The pair will meet up in the new scenes, though Gavin will be frustrated that Al hasn’t made more headway on the Woolpack idea – and Al’s luck will only get worse when Chas and Marlon Dingle learn of his schemes.


As a result, they refuse to support the transition, with Gavin becoming increasingly upset as he tries to persuade them to sell.

Things get much worse for Al when he sees a large, threatening man exit Gavin’s car, well aware that he is about to be thrashed.

Given Gavin’s increasing danger, what will Al’s next step be?

Gavin actor Ben Richards previously teased the violent storyline, recently telling Digital Spy that “it does get heavy”.

“When you deal with these people, they come after you but they don’t draw the line there – they also come after the ones you love,” he said. “They know how to get you to do whatever it takes and push your buttons.”

He went on to suggest that Al’s son Ellis could also be in danger, adding: “Gavin will exert pressure in every way he can.”

Ben went on to say: “It’s entertaining to watch a baddie be pushed by another baddie if you’re following a tale or characters. Al might be out of his element. Gavin and his investors aren’t joking around; they’re serious businessmen. As the pressure mounts, these individuals demand a timeframe, and the situation becomes quite dangerous. It can get a little physical.”


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