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Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh was engaged to actor but had heart broken in agonising split


Amy Walsh, who had a baby with Toby-Alexander Smith from EastEnders, has found love again after a painful heartbreak.

While Amy Walsh’s love life may not be as exciting as Tracy Metcalfe’s, she has experienced her fair share of romantic drama.

The Emmerdale actress, who has been on the ITV soap since July 2014, is expecting her first child with Toby-Alexander Smith, who plays Toby on EastEnders.

Amy was engaged to a musical theatre star before she met Toby, better known as Albert Square villain Gray Atkins, but their relationship ended in misery.

Amy’s famous sister, Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh, was the one who introduced her to the West End actor when they both performed in London’s Shrek The Musical.

Kimberley has always watched out for her younger sister by vetting her relationships and letting them know when they weren’t up to par.

Kimberley brought Jaden to her 30th birthday party and played matchmaker with Amy after becoming friendly with him during rehearsals.

“She did some expert matchmaking. She is always very protective with me, ­especially when it comes to boys, so to have her approval of him early on helped him out in a big way,” Amy told The Mirror at the time.

“Before the party she told me, ‘there is someone going along tonight who might be interested in you’, so she planted the seed and it happened. We just hit it off, so it was thanks to her.”

Amy and Bradley claimed they like being around children but had no plans to start a family at that time.

“We are both broody but we have lots of nieces and nephews to occupy us,” she said. “Our careers come first at the moment. But we have just moved in with each other which is very exciting.”

Bradley referred to Amy as “The One” and proposed to her in Thailand in 2016, calling her the “greatest thing” that had ever happened to him.

However, they kept their joyous news a secret for six months before releasing the proposal’s contents.

“I genuinely didn’t know what was happening until he got down on one knee,” she told OK magazine in February 2017.

“I just thought, no, this can’t be that! Then I burst into tears. It’s an amazing feeling. Everything feels more solidified between us.”

Bradley stated that his proposal preparations had been in the works for a long time, saying, “If I’m being honest, I’ve known she’s The One since the first time I met her.”

“I consider myself really fortunate. She is the most wonderful thing that has ever occurred to me. I began saving for a ring approximately two years ago and purchased it about seven months before our trip to Thailand.”

The wedding was called off in 2019, according to the Sunday Mirror, and he had moved on with his Wicked co-star Olivia Kate Holding.

Gutted To get over the painful breakup, Amy poured herself into work in Emmerdale and spent time with her friends.


She said: “It’s been my busiest time at Emmerdale so I’m throwing myself into that. I live with a couple of the Emmerdale make-up girls so I’m enjoying Leeds.

“I’m happy and I’m thankful for what I get to do every day.”

Amy has now rekindled her romance with EastEnders’ Toby-Alexander, and the two kept their relationship a secret for a long before walking the red carpet together.

Amy splits her time between seeing Toby in London and filming in Leeds, allowing the couple to maintain their long-distance connection from Walford to the Dales.

“I’ve enjoyed my profession even more since meeting him,” Amy says of being able to obtain feedback and run lines with her actor boyfriend.

“There have been times when I’ve told him, ‘I truly don’t know how to play this,'” she continued. And then we’ll talk about it, and I’ll go.”

The happy couple revealed in September that they were expecting their first child together.

“It feels as if the way everything happened was meant to be,” Amy told OK! magazine at the time. I expected to have fertility issues, so the fact that pregnancy came effortlessly and when I wanted it astounded me. We consider ourselves quite fortunate…”

She earlier stated that after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries at the age of 20, she believed she would never be a mother.

“I always thought falling pregnant was going to be a battle. Toby knew how worried I was, especially as I’m a bit older,” she said.

“I did wonder if it would ever happen for me, so it feels like a blessing.”

Toby said, ” “There is no such thing as a perfect time. You could always think to yourself, “We could use a bigger house or more time invested in our careers,” but if you’ve met the perfect person, that’s it.”

Before giving birth, Amy confessed she felt “weirdly excited” about the experience and was looking forward to going through the journey with Toby.

The real-life soap couple announced the birth of their child just a few days ago.

Amy confirmed the arrival to OK! by saying: “It’s been a busy week, to say the least! I hope you everyone had a wonderful time. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE THREE OF US.”

The new parents also shared a nice photo of themselves pushing a pram while tenderly staring at their baby.


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