Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle attacks beloved villager after health spirals in tragic twist

Veteran Emmerdale actress Charity Dingle has been having emotional difficulties ever since she shot Damon, the father of Chloe Harris, when he was holding Mackenzie Boyd captive.

After a confrontation with Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb), Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in Emmerdale is about to have an unexpected turn of events. The pub owner is obviously in pain and is shoving people away even though she is trying to reassure everyone that everything is fine.

ITV’s official spoilers reveal that although Mack (played by Lawrence Robb) and Charity are both having difficulties, they are unable to communicate their feelings to one another. After yet another restless night, Charity is worn out the following day and lashes out at Moses (Arthur Cockroft). As Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) tries to cope with her Gran’s lack of sleep, this makes her worried.

Moses tells her that he was fighting over rumors that Charity was a murderer when she gets a call from his school.

Charity is devastated to learn how much Harry’s passing has affected both her and her children’s lives.

Charity is concerned about how long she can carry on acting like everything is fine. Meanwhile, Moira is dissatisfied to find that the gossip about Charity was started by her son Isaac (Bobby Dunsmuir).

Sensible now, she decides to make things right. When Moira finds Charity, she apologizes to her, but when a loud bang makes Charity panic, the farmer becomes worried because it appears that the pub owner is having a lot of difficulties.

Charity, who is obviously in extreme distress, snaps at Moira when she tries to touch her and pins her against the wall.

Will Moira be able to assist Charity, though?

Following Friday’s episode, fans expressed their worries about Charity as well; many believed that she might be on the verge of a breakdown.

“Charity’s already experiencing PTSD after what happened with Harry,” a fan commented on X. She might now be driven over the edge by this.

Someone else wrote, “Oh man, Charity’s losing it.” A third person wrote, “Oh no, Charity.” You watch, she’s going to be taking a break soon after all of this.

A fourth viewer said, “Charity is going to have a mental breakdown soon,” while another continued, “Poor Charity.” Mack, who was present, is obviously being conceited and a t*** somewhere to even care that she is clearly not coping.

“I’m glad they’re finally focusing on her mental health and all that she has been through, I’m very interested to see where they’re going with it,” a fifth person said.

The outcry started when Charity was seen setting a newspaper clipping about Damon on fire.

In the past, she had a disagreement with her son Ryan Stocks (James Moore) because he neglected to inform her that she had a grandson.

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