Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle faced with huge decision after breast cancer diagnosis

In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, veteran character Chas Dingle is given a breast cancer diagnosis after doctor Liam Cavanagh finds a lump in her breast.

On the ITV serial drama Emmerdale, Lucy Pargeter’s character Chas Dingle is advised to seek the necessary assistance by Doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson).

Chas throws Liam into a passionate embrace after their impromptu kiss while baking, but they freak out when they hear Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) walking in.

Chas ducks as Mandy gives Liam a knowing look. Liam admits, horrified, that there is a woman inside the house to allay Mandy’s fears.

Liam, however, lies and says they don’t know the woman when Paddy and Mandy press him further.

Following Paddy and Mandy’s departure, things become uncomfortable as Liam admits he felt a lump in Chas’s breast. She appears to be completely unaware that there is anything wrong with her health as she swiftly leaves the house and won’t even discuss it.

She starts crying as soon as she leaves the property and quickly leaves out of concern for the villagers’ reaction.

The day after her mother’s death from breast cancer last year, an irate Chas begins to worry about the lump in her breast and fears the worst.

But before she can make a plan, Chas determines it’s time to visit a doctor to determine whether or not the lump is cancerous.

Afterwards, Chas learns she has triple-negative breast cancer when she goes to the breast clinic for diagnostic testing.

The soap opera has revealed that she initially chooses to keep her devastating diagnosis to herself in the upcoming weeks.

Chas is eager to maintain her health as a mother of a small child and is conscious of the possible consequences because her mother has a history of the condition.

Will she eventually disclose her illness to her loved ones or will she choose to keep it a secret out of concern for their feelings?

Actress Lucy, who plays Chas, revealed: “I knew I didn’t want us to shy away from any aspect of this diagnosis for Chas when the producers first discussed this storyline with me.

It is all the more heartbreaking for her to learn that Chas has breast cancer, since she witnessed her own mother pass away following an incurable diagnosis.

“Our audience is extremely familiar with her; they have witnessed her relationships and are aware of her flaws, passions, insecurities, peculiarities, and fears.

Given everything that has happened to her and her mother, it will therefore have greater significance for them to watch this story unfold.”I believe this to be the essence of our genre, “Soap.” But I’m well aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with us telling this story.”

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