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Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor devastated as Meena Jutla kills boyfriend Billy?

Meena Jutla, an EMMERDALE villain, might exact ultimate vengeance on Dawn Taylor by murdering her boyfriend in front of her on the ITV serial.

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) have made it obvious that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. However, in forthcoming scenes on the ITV soap, serial killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) looks set to strike again after she is dumped for Dawn.

Will Dawn be devastated if Meena kills her lover Billy in front of her in order to exact revenge?


Since Dawn’s return to Emmerdale, Billy has begun to drift away from Meena and toward Dawn.

Billy is slated to break up with Meena and tell her he has feelings for Dawn and wants to be in a relationship with her in yet-to-air scenes.

When Meena is dumped for Dawn, she may revert to her deadly ways, as she has gotten enamored with Billy.

Paige, who plays Meena, and Olivia, who plays Dawn, both spoke exclusively to about Meena’s vengeance.

Paige explained Meena wants “any excuse to kill someone” on the ITV soap. 

She said: “I think when Meena is in a relationship she wants to fully possess them and own them.

“Any close relationship to that person, be that child, grandfather or else she is going to want to take them away from them so she gets all of that attention. Dawn is a big threat so she’s in trouble.”

When asked how Meena will react to being dumped for Dawn, Paige added: “[Meena] wants to have revenge and take out her anger on Dawn and ruin her life.”

Paige explained the things Meena is getting up to are “getting worse and worse”. 

“I think the more time she spends in the village the more people are starting to see through the mask,” she added. 

“Because she’s getting conceited, as well, and she wants everyone to see what she’s accomplished.”

Except for her sister, Manpreet, Paige believes Meena would “kill or injure anyone” (Rebecca Sarker).
Will Meena make Dawn watch Billy die as part of a sick revenge scheme if she realizes there is no way to get Billy back?

“Billy and Dawn have been through so much together and there will always be a part of her that loves him and I feel there has always been unfinished business there,” Olivia said of Dawn and Billy’s history.

When Dawn returned to Emmerdale lately, she declared she was “ridiculously envious” of Meena and Billy’s relationship.

She added: “Meena and Dawn have had a little bit of beef in the past as initially, Meena made a play for Billy when she first entered the village. 

“So Dawn has always felt quite threatened by her as she’s incredibly confident and beautiful.”

Dawn has always suspected “something isn’t quite right about Meena,” according to Olvia.


“She can sense Meena’s vibe and is trying to warn [Billy] that something isn’t quite right about her, but she comes across as envious and spiteful,” the actress continued.
Will Billy heed Dawn’s cautions about Meena and sleep with one eye open in case she tracks him down?


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