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Emmerdale’s Dingle family comes under fire from fans

The family have been accused of ‘bullying’ poor Liv


Fans were enraged yet again when watching Emmerdale tonight.

The Dingle family has come under fire yet again, this time for allegedly banding together against Liv Flaherty, who is currently incarcerated after being wrongfully convicted of Ben Tucker’s murder.

Mandy paid the youngster a visit on tonight’s program to discuss her relationship with Vinny.

Liv had been seeing Vinny before she was imprisoned, and she relied on him for extra support throughout her ordeal.

Mandy, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate what Liv was doing to her son and chose to express her displeasure.

She asked Liv: “Do you care about him, like really care about him?”

Liv said of course she did as Mandy continued: “Do you want him to loose his freedom like you’ve lost yours?”

She added: “Don’t you think he’s been through enough?”

Liv responded that he is the only person who has ever been there for her and that she relies on him.

Mandy stated she couldn’t bear watching him suffer any longer, and Liv agreed, saying, “I don’t want that either.”

“Do you think I should discontinue his visits?” Liv inquired. Mandy responded by standing up and leaving, saying she needed to call him.

Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the Dingles’ recent treatment of Liv on Twitter, asking what had happened to the “Dingle Code.”

Katie said: “Omg. Mandy is trying to stop Vinny helping Liv. What happened to been a Dingle and sticking together, poor Liv.”

Kate said: “How evil are the Dingles to Liv! It’s a disgrace she is innocent and they’ve all abandoned her. Never even questioned her being charged? Still can’t understand how the oar hasn’t got Meena’s DNA all over it #Emmerdale.”

Dan said: “First Chas being a cow to liv now Mandy, they’re so disgusting so much for the dingle code and looking out for there own they’re so stupid she’s innocent and should believe her. Vinny the only good one out of them #emmerdale.”

Vinny later returned to the prison, hoping to see Liv, but a guard informed him that the visit had been canceled, and he was removed from the visiting list.


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