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Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate has already returned as fans ‘work out’ sinister link to Clemmie

Fans of Emmerdale believe Jamie Tate has already visited the community, and one keen observer suspects the villain may be connected in some way to recent arrival of Clemmie Reed.

Fans of Emmerdale have been anticipating the explosive return of Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) ever since he left the village. Jamie’s mother, Kim Tate (Claire King), thought her son was dead until recently. However, it has since come to light that the villager is still alive and has been hiding out with his daughter at Andrea Tate’s (Anna Nightingale) mother’s house.


Although the ITV soap’s producers haven’t said when Jamie will return, fans think he has already shown up in the village.

Jamie is somehow related to Dawn Taylor’s (Olivia Bromley) and Billy’s (Jay Kontzle) new foster daughter Clemmie, according to a fan theory shared on Reddit (Mabel Addison).

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A detailed theory about how Jamie and Clemmie are cooperating was written by Livid5822.

The theory is based on viewers’ observations of Clemmie’s difficulties adjusting to her new family home, particularly after Jamie’s daughter Millie (Willow Belle) returned.

The Reddit user also thinks Clemmie might avenge Millie after the latter was accused of biting the young girl.

“I’ve recently discussed Clemmie with a few users and how I still think there’s something more sinister going on. Once Clemmie gets more at ease, she’ll show her true colors,” the post’s opening line read.

“I just had a thought. What if Clemmie does something bad or an unfortunate event occurs?

Anyhow, Clemmie frames Millie by placing the evidence against her and claiming that it was her, even though Millie is unaware of what she is up to.

Because Millie lied a few weeks ago about Clemmie biting her, and because this is Clemmie’s retaliation, everyone believes Clemmie. (sic)

The fan continued by saying that when circumstances become critical enough, Gabby (Rose Bentham) will call the police, and the girls will be summoned for questioning.

At this point, the relationship between Jamie and Clemmie becomes clear, the fan continued: “Jamie has been staying hidden in the village during this time.

“Because Jamie persuades Millie to put the tracker on Kim for some reason, Jamie can locate Kim by placing the tracker somewhere on or near Millie.

Nevertheless, Jamie discovers that they are not where he believes they are and goes to the police station to find out what is happening.

“Boom, Jamie returns in that manner. After learning that Dawn is Clemmie’s foster parent, he asks for her name and reveals that he is Millie’s father.

“Jamie and Clemmie return to wherever it is and tell a policeman that he is Millie’s father.”

The theory continues by stating that Clemmie confesses to the police and claims that Jamie instructed her to blame Millie and to fabricate evidence against her.

“I’ve finally worked up the courage to be honest with you. Now he is here.


Everyone believes her because Jamie has been snooping on them when she says that he is arrested and taken in for questioning.

Could Jamie have been snooping on Millie and Clemmie the entire time he was in the community?

What evidence might Clemmie have planted on Millie, and could it somehow link Jamie’s mother Kim to it?

Since the villain faked his own death, the businesswoman and the bad guy have never gotten along.


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