Emmerdale’s Leyla Harding receives a warning over Gabby Thomas’s scheming

Emmerdale‘s Leyla Harding has been left wondering who to trust as Gabby Thomas continues to try and drive a wedge between Leyla and Liam Cavanagh.

Earlier this week, Leyla had been led to believe that there was something going on between Liam and new arrival Meena, after it appeared that Liam had sent the newcomer some flowers with a note.

But the whole scenario had actually been fabricated by Gabby Thomas, who is determined to sabotage Leyla and Liam’s relationship.

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Tonight’s episode (October 27) revealed that Leyla was still fuming over Liam’s behaviour as she sat with Gabby in the office.

While Leyla tried to make sense of it all, Gabby pointed out that Liam had previously dated her mother Bernice and that didn’t work out well.


Later, as Leyla and Gabby were leaving the office, Liam appeared wanting to talk to Leyla alone and, after Gabby left, he proceeded to maintain his innocence, insisting to Leyla that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that someone must have used his name to send Meena the flowers.

And when Leyla asked who could possibly want to do that, Liam admitted that he thinks it could be Gabby after he caught her smirking after their argument and pointed out that she doesn’t like him due to the breakdown of his relationship with her mum.


Leyla wasn’t buying it, though, and told Liam that she knows what it’s like to be the ‘other woman’ because of him.

Will she come to regret not giving Liam the benefit of the doubt?

Speaking about the storyline, Rosie Bentham, who plays Gabby, recently told Digital Spy and other media: “Gabby’s whole plan at the minute is to get all of Leyla’s attention onto her.”

“I think we can all agree that she’s a troubled teen going through a lot of changes. The most important thing for her is this new-found friendship with Leyla,” she continued.

“Leaving the flowers brings out a lot of Leyla’s insecurities with men. She shows that she doesn’t trust Liam like she thought she did. Gabby uses Meena as a pawn piece in a little game.”

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