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Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma attacked after making big Meena mistake


In Emmerdale, Manpreet Sharma made a terrible mistake by trying to deceive her sister Meena Jutla.

Prior to the bar explosion, it appeared as if Manpreet had persuaded Meena that she didn’t remember their argument over her sibling’s killer background.

While Manpreet was still in the hospital, she was kept safe, but when she was sent home with her nasty sister as her caregiver on Tuesday, Manpreet was secluded with Meena.

“No ‘buts’, Manpreet. You’re ready to go home,” Meena insisted.

Manpreet tried to persuade her sister to return her phone by explaining that she needed to check on the status of the Christmas present she’d ordered for Meena.

This was a huge error, as Meena realized right away that Manpreet’s memories were flooding back to her. Meena insulted Manpreet by asking “what else” she could remember, which shocked her.

Meena reappeared later, this time with sleeping drugs, which she cheerfully declared would “knock out” her sister. When Meena insisted on putting the medication in her mouth, Manpreet feigned to swallow.

Manpreet spat out the tablet after Meena left to take Princess for a walk. He then urgently looked over at the phone on the next table.

Manpreet dashed to get the phone, only for a spiteful Meena to disclose that she’d laid a trap for her younger brother.

“You and your surprises,” Meena angrily said. “Do you really think I’d have just left the phone there? It was a test, and you’ve failed.”

Meena then grabbed Manpreet and inserted a hypodermic needle into her sister’s neck, throwing her to the floor.

“Wait til you see the surprise I have for you,” Meena then warned.

Will Manpreet’s blunder prove fatal?


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