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Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle star recalls painful injury after fall ‘Broke my toe’

Mark Charnock, who portrays Marlon Dingle in the iconic ITV drama EMMERDALE, has spoken of a horrible mishap that resulted in him breaking his toe.


Since 1996, Mark Charnock has played Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale, and he has had many ups and downs in the ITV serial. When Marlon first appeared on the show, he became fast friends with Paddy Kirk (played by Dominic Brunt), and the two have remained friends ever since.

Marlon has remained a fan favorite during his stay on the program, despite having a tumultuous love life.

During Tuesday night’s Soapy Slip-Ups, the Emmerdale cast reminisced about some of their favorite filming memories.

Fans were also given an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes.

The TV show even aired some of the cast’s most hilarious on-set gaffes.

Despite showcasing clips of the cast members stuttering through their lines, the show also displayed some of their ailments.

Mark recalled a time when he shattered his toe after falling the night before a shoot.

To make matters worse, while filming a scene with Dominic, the actor tripped again.

He went on to say that he was walking around on set with a fractured toe after falling the night before.

Mark began: “The night before, Dominic… we knew we were filming quite near where I live so he came over for a glass of wine.

“As he was leaving, I sort of ran around the coffee table to show him out and broke my toe.”

As the programme showed a clip of the Marlon actor trying to shoot a scene, he could be heard saying: “I want to carry on but it is very painful.”

“My toe it was like a foot,” he added as Mark admitted: “I’d had too much wine.”

Mark then went on to talk about his on-screen pal Paddy and their strong bond.

He went on to say that he had even written a musical called Paddy.

“Paddy the Musical was just messing about really many, many years ago,” Mark said.

“I like to sing songs to Dominic and he has put up with it, I wouldn’t say he has enjoyed it.”

“He has put up with me now doing it every day for a quarter of a century,” he added.

“Unfortunately for Dominic, he didn’t get cast as Paddy in the musical.”


“Ray Winstone got the part of Paddy,” Mark joked. “And Nicholas Lyndhurst was Marlon.”

“He’s got this whole ending,” Dominic chipped in. “And he’s talking about the lighting.”

“It’s ridiculous, it’s all a waste of time,” he added.


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