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Emmerdale’s Priya Kotecha receives upsetting news over her recovery

In tonight’s episode (December 15), Emmerdale’s Priya Kotecha returns to the hospital, but she doesn’t get the news she was hoping for.

Priya is now recovering from burns she received in the maze fire that occurred during the doomed survival adventure challenge.

Priya’s eating disorder plotline has also been revisited on the ITV soap, as her old concerns have resurfaced as a result of her injuries.

Priya attends the hospital for her latest appointment on Wednesday’s episode, hoping for some good news.


Priya lies about her skin grafts feeling much better since she wants these excursions to stop.

Priya, on the other hand, mentions that she hasn’t been eating much lately, blaming it on a recent sickness.

The doctor quickly points out that this is delaying Priya’s back healing because she requires as much nutrients as possible.

Priya is secretly distressed by the news, knowing full well why she hasn’t been eating properly.

When Priya finally catches up with her father Rishi (Bhasker Patel), she conceals the latest information and pretends that everything is fine. Is she becoming even more averse to receiving help from her close ones?

Priya’s actress Fiona Wade recently applauded Emmerdale for revisiting her character’s eating condition.

She said to Digital Spy and other news outlets: “These issues, such as body dysmorphia and anorexia, would be activated because she has always struggled with her body image.

“Priya is unable to exercise or move around freely. They’re also advising her to eat more to aid with her recovery. All of these triggers are reappearing, and before she realizes it, she’ll be back in control.

“I believe it is plausible and part of what would occur.” Priya is someone who is so self-conscious about her appearance that she spends all of her time trying to be flawless. She has overcome her eating disorder, but it is still there in her life. She’s no longer in charge of anything, and that’s where it all begins: control and perfectionism.

“It makes sense that the writers have brought it back, so it kind of works alongside getting through what’s happened to her.”


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