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Emmerdale’s Priya Kotecha to face an upsetting return to work

Priya Kotecha from Emmerdale will have a difficult time returning to work next week after an unpleasant interaction with a client.

Priya (Fiona Wade) has had a particularly trying time recently, having suffered scars on her back as a result of getting caught in a deadly maze fire in October. Her concerns have also led to a recurrence in her eating issue, with Priya recently learning that she may be prolonging the healing of her scars by not eating correctly.

In upcoming scenes, Priya’s brother Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) enters Take A Vow and asks Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) if she can get Priya back to work in the office, in the hopes of giving her a boost.


Priya is determined to get back into the swing of things on her first day back at work, but she is struggling with the difficulty she is experiencing as a result of her burns. Cassie, a powerful and dissatisfied client, storms into the office, clearly on the warpath, adding to her tension.

Priya is alert and answers all of Cassie’s inquiries with ease, but her desire to itch her scars quickly overpowers her.

Priya is frightened and overwhelmed when she overhears Cassie make light of her scratching as she exits the salon. Is Priya’s recovery about to take another hit?

Actress Fiona, who plays Priya, has praised the soap for revisiting Priya’s eating disorder again, saying that her character’s relapse following her fire trauma is “realistic”.

“Priya is someone that is so conscious of how she looks, she spends all of her time being a perfectionist, has overcome the eating disorder but it’s always there with her,” she said. “She’s not in control of anything anymore and that’s how it all starts – control and perfectionism.

“It makes sense that the writers have brought it back, so it kind of works alongside getting through what’s happened to her.”


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