Emmerdale’s Ryan Stocks receives bombshell news as familiar face returns

A few months ago, Ryan Stocks of Emmerdale was shocked to learn that his son Oscar Grisham was seriously ill after being kept in the dark.

James Moore’s character Ryan Stocks from Emmerdale is about to receive some shocking news when his son Oscar Grisham (Harley Hamilton) returns to the village. Oscar was adopted when he was born by Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis) and Ryan. However, his adoptive mother, Sophie Grisham (Martha Cope), recently got in touch with them and asked to have them tested to see if they would be a good fit for the stem cell therapy he required.

Oscar’s family was relieved that Gail was a match and that he could receive his treatment, but they were devastated when he revealed he didn’t want to get to know them, and Sophie told them it would be too hard for him. But as it turned out, Sophie was lying to keep them apart because it was she who had told Oscar that Gail and Ryan were the ones who were having trouble seeing him.

Official spoilers indicate that despite Sophie’s resistance, the family is expected to get back together, so her lies are about to come undone.

Oscar shows up in later scenes and tells Gail, Ryan, and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) that his mother is aware of his visit to the village yesterday.

When he is urged to return home, he acts sheepishly, but Sophie Grisham (Martha Cope) interrupts and shows her anger right away.

Ryan responds angrily, letting his hurt loose and throwing Gail and Charity.

To Ryan’s surprise, Gail pardons Sophie for her sins after Charity takes Oscar away to give them some space.

He promptly reminds her, though, that Oscar should make the final decision and that they’re disappointed to have been cut off.

Following that, Charity isn’t sure how much to tell Oscar, but Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) advises her to keep things straightforward.

Oscar, who is naturally curious, can’t resist asking Charity questions regarding Ryan’s father, but after Charity tells her grandson how old she is, Oscar calculates the consequences of the discrepancy.

Relieved, he tells Charity that he’s happy his grandfather isn’t with them anymore.

Sophie consents to allow Oscar another chance to see Gail and Ryan following their mutual apology.

Does she intend to keep her word? Is Oscar able to establish a rapport with Gail and Ryan?

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