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Evil woman killed a dog by hurling poisonous meat over neighbour’s fence ‘Died suffering’

AN EVIL lady was caught on camera tossing poisoned meat into a garden, resulting in the death of her neighbor’s dog.

Susan Foster, 60, injected antifreeze into pork before tossing it over the fence into her neighbor’s garden. Roxy, Colin Stark’s German shepherd, ate the meat and became unwell, eventually having to be put down four days later. The whole affair was caught on tape by the house’s surveillance system, which even saw Foster attempting to delete the evidence by stealing the camera.
Foster received a suspended sentence for her heinous behavior.

For the first time since the terrifying incident, Mr. Stark discussed how he tried to stop her from stealing the cameras.

He said: “I’m banging on her front windows, saying ‘give me my camera back.’

Susan Foster was caught on film taking the camera (Image: SWNS)

“My voice was quite loud, because I was really annoyed, and my wife said, ‘You need to stop shouting, just pack it in and call the police.’

“But within 30 seconds of her saying that, she came out with the camera, and a few words were then spoken to one another.

The footage captured Foster trying to destroy the evidence (Image: SWNS)

She gave it back, and it’s got her on camera in her house, walking through her house.”

Heartbroken Colin added: “Nothing can bring Roxy back, she was a lovely dog.

“We’ve got pictures of her. We’ve got one over the fireplace. It’s one the children gave us for Christmas.

“It says ‘the boss lives here’ because she was the boss of the house, and it’s a lovely picture of her just laying on the floor.”

Mr Stark explained how the incident “came out of the blue”, with him realising something was wrong when Roxy began throwing up in the garden.

Roxy the dog was killed by the piece of meat from the neighbours (Image: SWNS)

He said: “We kept an eye on Roxy. She wasn’t being her normal self.

“She was lethargic, she would just lay there.

“Over the course of the day, she was getting worse and worse.

“We then took her to the vets and took samples of the meat, and he said: ‘I think that’s poison’.”

“I played it back after Roxy had been put to sleep, and on my laptop, I could see something coming across,” Colin continued.

Piece of meat which killed Roxy the dog (Image: SWNS)

“I thought ‘Was that a bird or something?’ and then I played it back slower, and you could see it was things being thrown over the fence.

“The camera’s got an alarm trigger, so it detects motion, and it set off a trigger on my phone at 11:45 pm on Saturday.

“I looked at the alarm, and at first I couldn’t work out what it is.


“Then I realise it’s a hand, and it’s her hand going all over the camera, and then eventually, her face appears on the camera.”

“This was a really tragic situation – Roxy was a cherished pet – and her owners were crushed by their death,” said RSPCA Inspector Bradshaw, who headed the inquiry.

“This act caused Roxy an immense amount of pain and suffering, and deteriorating clinical signs meant this poor dog ended up losing her life as a result.”

Oster was sentenced to a six-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, and ordered to complete 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.

Foster was also forced to pay £2,040 in court costs, £627 in compensation to Roxy’s owners, and a £120 victim surcharge in addition to being barred from owning any animals for a year.


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