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EXCLUSIVE Home and Away: favourite Dan Ewing First look in Summer Bay

Dan has revealed Heath is back in the Bay to ‘sort out a situation’ and it seems Dean Thompson could be part of the drama

We have got the exclusive first UK interview with Dan Ewing as he returns to Home and Away as Heath Braxton...

Fans of Home and Away have been waiting for Dan Ewing for the better part of five years to make his return to Summer Bay. But, the wait is finally over, and from the River Boy himself, we have got all the exclusive gossip.

Soap fans will recall that Dan first appeared back in February 2011 as Heath Braxton, when he and his two brothers came to Summer Bay to cause trouble.

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He’s back! Heath will arrive back in Summer Bay in late February

There was no end to the chaos surrounding the Braxton brothers, and wherever Heath and his older brother Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton and their younger brother, Casey, went, trouble was sure to follow. Nicknamed the ‘bad-boy surf gang with dodgy reputations.’

He’s back! 

After Dan was spotted filming with Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari Parata), Ethan Browne (Tane Parata) and Patrick O’Connor (Dean Thompson) on the Home and Away set in August last year, fans were sent into a frenzy at the thought of seeing Heath back in the Bay.

But, the wait to get the River Boy back on our screens is almost over, because we can announce that Heath is coming back at the end of February… and even if it’s just a guest appearance, we guarantee it’s going to be worth the wait.
Talking about going back to the Home and Away package, Dan told us he couldn’t wait to get trapped in the…

“It’s been too long! I love this show. I love the incredible production team, the brilliant crew and my talented cast mates.

“I am eternally grateful to the Home and Away family for helping propel my career to where it is today.

“Without my time in Summer Bay I wouldn’t be booking leads in big budget US studio projects, of that I am certain.”

Dreaming of Heath

But Dan admitted his return is all down to a fantasy when it comes to getting back into Heath Braxton’s shoes!

I hope she doesn’t mind telling me, but Lucy Addario, our fearless chief and series creator, had a dream about me!

Okay, well, not me… but about Heath coming back in the 2021 season return storyline to help ‘work out’ a situation.

Heath arrived in Summer Bay back in 2011 with his brothers Brax and Casey

Our brilliant Script Producer Louise Bowes called me to talk about what they had in mind and I was on set the very next week!”

Catching up with old friends 

But while he was pleased to be back on his old stomping ground and catching up with his former colleagues, Dan acknowledged that there were a lot of new names and faces to recall, too…

The cast is basically all newbies to me! The crew was pretty much all the same, however.

For me, that really sums up what this show is all about.

The minimal crew turnover, sure there will always be people coming and going in this company, but seeing so many familiar faces is a real testimony to the Home and Away family setting.

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It really was as though I had never left! I’ve been picking up conversations I began 4 years ago, like 4 minutes ago!

We’ve been sharing pictures of our daughters, comparing gray hair… and simply reconnecting with old friends. I can safely claim that I haven’t laughed as much on the set since the last time I was with them.’

But what has Heath done since the last time we saw him in Summer Bay?

The wait to find out is almost over, because in late February in the UK, audiences should expect Dan’s scenes to air.

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