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EXCLUSIVE: Tai Hara spills on a Home And Away return with Jackson Gallagher

It’s been four long years after fans of Home And Away said a somber farewell to Andy Barrett, the iconic character played by Tai Hara.

Caught up with his half-brother, Josh Barrett, played by Jackson Gallagher, in the murder of Charlotte King, the pair were sentenced to jail but managed to escape and go on the run.

The characters have been running since, and in the long four years since, with several sly Instagram messages, their portrayers, Tai and Jackson, have teased fans with that very truth.

Speaking with Now To Love Tai is smiling as we bring up how tantalizing and meaningful it is to make a potential return to Summer Bay.

“Jackson and I, when we do catch up, still have a bit of a chuckle about where Andy and Josh are now, you know, a fishing expo or may be hiding out somewhere in far North Queensland,” he says.

“I feel like maybe they’ve gone to a tropical island.”

Tai has not ruled it out as far as potentially making a return to the show and his favourite character.

“We definitely joke about the Barretts coming back. The thing is they never died, so it’s all open,” he says with a chuckle.

In the meantime, while we hope that this will happen, Tai has launched a new film, a web series he wrote, directed and starred in called Color Blind.

Gavin Walters, a well-intentioned yet glaringly white casting expert blundering into the labyrinth of cultural sensitivity as he tries to add diversity to the frame, focuses on the five-part satire series.

The cringe-worthy yet giggle-inducing scenes are all based on encounters from real life.

“My whole reason behind creating the show was really to hold a mirror up to the industry and ask it to question its commitment to diversity.”

“They’re my own personal experiences, but also the actors of colour who were involved in the series.”

“Everyone has these awkward and uncomfortable exchanges so many of which are really recent encounters.”

It was a busy year for Tai, not only focusing on Colour Blind, but with the surprising new birth of his first child with his partner, Fely Irvine.

The voice of the 30-year-old suddenly oozes with love and pride as we inquire how fatherhood is enjoyed by him.

“It’s amazing, it’s everything and more. It’s one of those things that people tell you about but until you actually experience it you don’t realise how magical it is.”

“It’s been a beautiful journey so far and Fely is just such an incredible mother.”

The actress and musician look good too. Yet, lately, her amazing post-baby body has been the subject of online mum-shaming trolls.

The positive outweighs the negative, though, Tai says, and that’s what the couple is focused on. In social media, I think when you bring something out there, you give yourself up to a debate from both sides.

“With pregnancy and birth, everyone has such an independent journey. There have been a few little remarks here and there but it’s been overwhelmingly optimistic for the most part and it’s just beautiful the encouragement of those who not only just rush to her defence, but still just be there as a client.


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