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Fans are predicting a Daisy Midgeley storyline in Coronation Street.

Daisy Midgeley of CORONATION STREET has made fans suspicious since she arrived in Weatherfield, with her incessant scheming seeing her go to any length to obtain what she wants.

Her most recent project, though, had her confront Daniel Osbourne, and spectators sensed a spark between the two.

Daisy (Charlotte Jordan Evans) sought down Daniel (Rob Mallard) to try to persuade him not to write an exposé about the Double Glammy pyramid scheme she’s a part of.

However, the deceptive Coronation Street character appeared to be flirting with Daniel, and viewers commented on how attractive the two were together. Could they be the ITV soap’s next leading couple?

Daisy has been associated with Double Glammy for a while, alongside Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) (Antony Cotton).


However, after witnessing the devastation that the plan can cause to those who fall for it, Sean decided to call it a day and urged Daniel to spread the word about the hazards.

Daisy, on the other hand, had just persuaded her stepmother Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) to join her in purchasing the Rovers Return bar, and she will want the funds.

Daisy, who relies on Double Glammy to keep the company afloat, is furious when she learns of the plan to smear the company’s reputation.

She stormed into a restaurant in an attempt to persuade Daniel not to write the article, and the two had a long conversation.

She said, “So, this is where you’re hiding.” “I’m not hiding,” Daniel said.

Daisy commented as she took a seat across from him, “Well you’re a difficult man to locate.”

“I’ve been to your place, your father’s house, and the café.” “You must want something incredibly essential,” he said.

She explained, “I’ve spoken to Sean.” “And he says you’re working on an article for the local paper that’s a touch… critical of the Double Glammy business model,” he says.

Daniel said, “I wouldn’t say it was critical.” “More like criticizing, condemning, and exposing it as a wicked, exploitative system that destroys people’s lives.”

Daisy smiled and added, “I am a part of that system.”

“I’m sure you are,” Dan admitted. Viewers were eager to notice out the two’s chemistry.

“Daisy and Daniel too #corrie,” one user wrote on Twitter. (sic)

“I can see Daisy and Daniel getting together #Corrie,” another predicted.

A third hypothesized, “Daisy and Daniel, prospective pairing? #Corrie.”

“Daniel and Daisy are both quirky yet lowkey suit #corrie,” wrote a fourth.


“I… kind of ship Daniel and Daisy #corrie,” wrote another.

Could Daisy’s flirting be part of a larger scheme?

Daisy’s usual tactic is to get near to Daniel in order to prevent him from continuing with the article.

She soon learned, however, that it was too late, and the piece had already been published.

“Or you can wait till the morning and read it in The Gazette,” he said, showing her the web story headed “Double Scammy.

Daisy gave him a cold stare before standing up and marching out, leaving Daniel staring behind her.

But, even if Daisy doesn’t get her way, might the couple have a future together? Fans appear to agree.


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