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Fans of EastEnders cheer as Tamwar Masood lets BBC come back: ‘Geeky Tamwar so pleased’

EASTENDERS viewers were left in surprise when a preview for the upcoming ITV drama The Luminaires took an audience favourite they didn’t want to bring with it. Fans of EastEnders were taken by surprise when a familiar face came back to our screens on Sunday in BBC ‘s latest mystery drama. But to many fan’s shocks, the favourite character has changed quite a bit since his time on Albert Square.

Last night, the Luminaires premiered and their cast became something of a talking point. The period drama, set in 1866, debuted on BBC One and is based on the 2013 Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Eleanor Catton.

The six-part show centres on the main characters and their role in Crosbie Wells ‘s complicated murder, a local man found dead in his home surrounded by a fortune of gold bars. As an investigation begins into this enigmatic incident, local hero Emery Staines is missing at the same time and Anna, a teenage prostitute is arrested for an attempted suicide.

The series features an outstanding cast of James Bond: Casino Royale actress Eva Green as Lydia Wells, the owner of the drinks parlour who marries the late Mr Wells in a weird way. Eve Hewson-U2 singer Bono ‘s daughter-plays Anna Wetherell, who heads to New Zealand to seek her fortune before being led astray.

But the face that surprised EastEnders fans was the one they knew as Tamwar Masood ‘s lovely geek, played by Himesh Patel. Himesh plays Emery Staines in The Luminaires, a wealthy and well-liked lead character in the drama.

And viewers couldn’t believe their ears ever since the teaser fell for the hotly awaited murder mystery.vTaking Twitter ahead of the first season, BBC soap viewers rejoiced as the favourite returned to television stardom.

One exclaimed: “For geeky Tamwar off Eastenders to be able to behave opposite / snog Eve Hewson # TheLuminaries, so delighted.” One added: “It’s Eastenders’ Tamwar, I don’t think I’ll be able to take him seriously as the leading man.”(sic)

“Is the guy from Eastenders in # TheLuminaries Tamwar? I can only see him as about 15 and a little geeky!! But that’s definitely not what I see on the screen!” a third seemed shocked as they noticed that they recognized his face before they realized who he was.

A fourth compared his physical presence to Tamwar’s one: “When did Tamwar get hot off Eastenders? # TheLuminaries.” A fifth explained that they only knew who it was after somebody else found it out: “Tamwar from # Eastenders was not seen in this until it was reported by someone on here,” they said.

“When he comes I can now see only Tamwar. Bummer. # TheLuminaries.” Tamwar was last seen in Walford back in 2016 after he and girlfriend Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) decided to pack up and leave to start a new life travelling the world together.

He made an off-screen debut in February 2019 after calling Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) to inform him that he and Nancy were engaged and later in Australia they were married. So while Tamwar is long gone for the moment, may this thrilling new Himesh chapter pave the way for a return to EastEnders when the ITV soap is back on the


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