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EastEnders Fans shocked as Gray kissed whitney and threatens Chantelle


Fans of EastEnders feel sick tonight as Gray continued his violent and managed behavior. The episode of tonight saw Gray get annoyed with Chantelle for taking the car for the day after it’s been fixed at the garage. But as Chantelle drove off the mechanic asked whether Gray was “the jealous type,

” as she had noticed the tracker in the car’s boot. Gray kept tracking the car all day long and argued with her when she was in the square, asking her exactly where she had been.  Chillingly, Gray told Chantelle they would talk about it later, so he would see her at school.

Later viewers saw Gray and Whitney go through the time that she was attacked by Leo, with Gray urging her to continue her traumatic retelling, despite her clearly distressed. The pair sat down at the table, telling her how brave she was, and the pair shared a kiss, but Gray stood up immediately after it and told her that nothing could be between them.

He said: “I care about you Whitney but not like that, I want to win this case for you, but between us, there will never be anything more.” Whitney excused himself and was left in tears as he walked out but his behavior disgusted fans. Dee said: “We should get Gray going away by Xmas, please. Can’t they even move this plot further because it makes me nervous.”


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