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Fear in the Bay! A look back at Home and Away’s scariest moments

The fictional town of Summer Bay has had more than its fair share of traumatic incidents over the years for a city with such a small population.

With everything from natural disasters to heartbreaking diseases killing off fan-favorite characters, it seems no one is safe for long on Home and Away. And a fair few met their premature deaths at the hands of a pistol.

For different reasons, hell-bent on vengeance, frightening snipers have wreaked havoc on the sleepy place.

Scroll on to see the entire list of the scariest massacres of all time by Home And Away.

Oscar McGuire and Hannah Wilson

An explosion happens during a hospital fundraiser when Andy tackles Tank, who has been told not to attend. After gas canisters were knocked into live cables, the explosion was ignited. Oscar is pronounced dead by new physician Tori Morgan at the scene.

Despite being burned, Hannah, who had been caught up in the blast, returns to work and refuses to be checked. With Nate and Tori not being able to revive her, she later collapses.

Kat Chapman And Her Baby

The death of Policewoman Kat Chapman caused a great deal of grief for Martin “Ash” Ashford and Ryan “Robbo” Shaw. Kat, who is pregnant with Ash’s son, has fake IDs created for herself and Robbo to get them to safety. Unfortunately, they get into a car accident, smashing into newcomer Jasmine Delaney’s car as she arrives in the Bay to escape her abusive ex.

Jack Holden

Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) was fatally shot dead by the iconic character Jack Holden (Paul O’Brien) while investigating a former developer accused of burying cancer-causing hazardous waste on a local worksite. Martha + Jack = Forever.

Mason Morgan

Mason was shot dead by thugs from the Ouroboros gang during the 2019 season finale. Mason wanted to take a stand against the men in order to support Bella (Courtney Miller), who was clinging to life when the gang took over the hospital in a terrifying siege. The gunman lost his nerve and snapped when he stood up to the mob, along with Alex (Zoë Ventoura), Jasmine (Sam Frost), Mackenzie (Emily Weir), and Marilyn (Emily Symons). Mason was fatally wounded. Oh! Tragic!

Noah Lawson

In 2004, Sarah Lewis (Luisa Hastings-Edge) shot Noah (Beau Brady) to death. Sarah came to the Bay to seek vengeance for her boyfriend’s murder, and while she was being held hostage by a number of locals, Sarah shot Noah and then turned the gun on herself.

Josh West

When he ordered the construction of a bridge linking two ends of the bay together, Josh (Daniel Collopy) ruffled quite a few feathers. This led to a Josh-Barry Hyde (Ivar Kants) argument in which Josh was accidentally shot.

Atticus Decker

Decker (John Adam) was shot after vowing to defend the Morgan siblings and died following surgical complications. The death of Decker rocked the Morgans, who were still keeping their identity a secret at this point.


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