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Former H&A star marks special milestone with partner Rebecca

Sunrise’s Sam Mac, who isn’t one to take himself too seriously, celebrated a momentous milestone with his partner, Rebecca, in a funny – but equally touching – Instagram post.

Sam made a touching homage to his partner, posting a photo of the duo, all smiles as Rebecca put a kiss on the weatherman’s face.

“Sure, she closes her eyes when she kisses me & imagines someone else (probz Kochie)… but she’s always worth it. 1 year since we met IRL ?.”

Despite the fact that he had just given birth to two grandchildren, the name-dropped man in issue, David ‘Kochie’ Koch, wasn’t too busy to notice the amusing mention, saying, “I can understand.”

Bachelor alum Anna Heinrich also shared her love, penning: “????.”

Sam and Rebecca were pals at first before realizing their feelings had developed into something more. In March of this year, the weatherman publicly introduced Bec as his girlfriend on Instagram.

“This is Bec. We were introduced on insta last year via our mutual friend @brookiechook. Bec lives in Melb, & I’m in Syd, so the Victorian border restrictions meant it was illegal for us to meet in person,” he wrote.

“This is when things start to get interesting. We struck up a terrific friendship right away. We communicated every single day for about 6 months, via Instagram messages, phone calls, and Friday zoom cocktails! As a result, when restrictions were removed late last year, we were able to meet in person for the first time.

“By this stage I felt like I knew everything about her…except if she was interested in being more than friends ??‍♂‍.”

Sam was fortunate in that his feelings were returned. And the weatherman said that having supper in person was “surreal” because they “knew one other so well, but also not at all.”

“She makes me so happy & I’m absolutely delighted to share her with you guys,” Sam ended the post.

Last month, the pair solidified their relationship by purchasing a home in Sydney jointly.

“Looks like I’m trapped with this guy now ?,” Bec joked on her Insta when announcing the news. “Officially home owners ❤️? @sammacinsta.”


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