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Former Home and Away star Dan Ewing shares heartwarming personal update: ‘Make up for lost time’

Dan Ewing, star of Home and Away, has reminisced on a trying year in which he was separated from his only son for the majority of 2021.

Dan sat down with 7Entertainment to discuss his impending visit at Oz Comic-Con and how border changes had finally allowed a heartwarming reunion with his seven-year-old son Archie.

Dan spoke about a difficult four months in which he was separated from Archie – his son with ex-wife Marni Little – and the moment they reunited, calling it the “highlight of his year”.


“He was allowed to come into NSW, so we got a little hotel up in Tweeds – basically on the border and he was able to cross over without having to quarantine because the restrictions had eased,” Dan said of their reunion.

I was FaceTiming him, and he was at a restaurant, and obviously knew I was going to meet him there, and I was FaceTiming him, and then I jumped over his shoulder and asked him what he was going to get off the menu.

“He was shocked, it was such a lovely moment,” the star reflected.

Dan has spent the year working in both New South Wales and Victoria, unable to enter Queensland where his son was based for much of the year.

“It was just such a huge moment, and it really just makes you take the positive out of things and appreciate the gift of being a father and how much it’s changed my life and my perspective on things,” the former SAS Australia recruit said.

Discussing how he navigated the challenging months of enforced separation, the actor said he was “very grateful for FaceTime”.

He explained that he would call his son every morning at 7.30am where they “have a little gratitude journal, so [they] write down three things [they’re] grateful for”.

“Then he goes to school, and that’s our small bit of father-son bonding,” the former Home and Away star remarked.

Because of his present job commitments, the actor said he is looking forward to “making up for lost time” when the father-son team reunites.

Dan is one of the stars at this year’s Oz Comic-Con, a pop culture festival showing all the newest studio activations, comics, anime, cosplay, and video games, following his involvement in the action movie Occupation: Rainfall.

On the 11th and 12th of December, Dan will attend at Oz Comic-Con Homegrown Melbourne, the first Comic-Con event in Melbourne since 2019.

“It’s this huge pop culture expo, anything goes… the calibre of costumes is phenomenal, it’s a complete spectacle and I love it,” the actor said.


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