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Georgie Parker takes to the decks, rekindling her “rock” roots.

Georgie Parker of Home and Away may have gone to a club to get down to some 80s tunes a minute ago, but she’s slipped back into that easy mindset as if the party never ended.

Georgie is well-known for her brilliant self-deprecating humor, and she’s been around for all the changes and trends.

In a sparkly cardigan and top combo, the actor reconnected with her party roots by hopping onto a DJ deck to spin some tunes.

She filtered the image with a saturated orange hue to add more 80s vibes to the image of her spinning records and messing around with a laptop.

“Back when Roo used to “Rock It,” she captioned the photo.

Georgie’s Roo-inspired antics amused fans, who joined in the fun by remarking that she and her character have never stopped rocking. As one fan put it, “I’m watching a *Country Practice* when you were Lucy,” one person said, and another added, “Roo ALWAYS rocks it.

” You slew it back then, and you slew it again now!”

Georgie’s zeal has never waned over the years, even if she no longer hits the club for some sets.

Georgie’s self-deprecating antics, however, did not end there, and she swiped at her luscious hair once more.

On what she described as a “wistful Tuesday,” she posted a photo of an Afghan Hound with a witty caption.

“I also think my hair is starting to look like this,” Georgie joked earnestly.

While this amusing remark is hilarious, we can’t help but think the Afghan Hound’s mane is actually quite nice.

Despite Georgie’s Instagram concerns, it appears that her long brown hair is still as wispy as it has always been.

Her signature hair has remained a constant throughout her career, so hair care is undoubtedly an important part of her beauty routine.

So, Georgie, when you’re not practicing your DJ skills, please share some hair care advice!


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