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His little summer babe! James Stewart and daughter Scout’s cutest moments

Home and Away’s Jame Stewart may be renowned as Justin Morgan on the hit soap for stirring up trouble, but he’s also a seriously doting dad.

A proud father enjoys nothing more than blogging about an eight-year-old scout’s daughter, whom he shares with former wife Jessica Marais.

The actor was never shy about celebrating the life milestones of his daughter Scout with his followers, sharing sweet posts to mark her big life milestones, including her birthdays and her first school day.

We can’t get enough of their cute bond, quite frankly.

Scout stole the spotlight last year when she appeared as the flower girl at her dad’s wedding in Ireland with his Home and Away co-star, Sarah Roberts.

James confessed Scout had wanted her dad to propose to Sarah for a while before he bought the ring before their beautiful Irish nuptials, due to her love of prince and princess movies.

The Australian Women’s Weekly told James and his Home And Away co-star and mom, Sarah Roberts, that their wish for the New Year is to have a baby together.

“A new life would be the greatest present my husband could give me. New life in my belly and a brother or sister for Scout,” Sarah said.

When her dad connected the knot to his Home and Away co-star Sarah Roberts in Ireland last year, Scout had a starring role as a flower girl.

The eight-year-old is both her famous father and her mother’s ideal combination.

James posted a post last year devoted to Scout’s 6th birthday bash.

He posted, alongside a photo with his partner, Sarah Roberts, former Jessica Marais, and her partner, Jake Holly, “Scouts ‘Michael Jackson’ party for her 6th birthday! Thanks to all the little smooth criminals for coming!”

James posted a photo of himself brushing Scout’s hair last year on International Women’s Day.

“Grooming the leaders of tomorrow…” he wrote. “Happy International Woman’s Day! Love ya Scout, Love ya Mum!”

“Don’t grow up too quick sweetheart,” James captioned this Scout snap.

Before her first day of training, the Home and Away star shared this cute photo of himself, Scout, and Jess.

I think Jess and I are more nervous than Scout… hah! Argh!”First step into big school.. I think Jess and I are more nervous than Scout.. hah! Argh!”First step to the big school.

With that throwback message, James celebrated Father’s Day in 2017.

The best thing,”The greatest thing that ever happened to me,”that has ever happened to me. I love you Scout. Thanks for saving me. HAPPY FATHERS DAY… lads. “The deepest love I’ve ever felt. ‘ever ever’. I love you Scout. thanks for rescuing me. ❤️ HAPPY FATHERS DAY… lads.”Evermore.

Double-double-seeing? Pretty fair enough! This photo was posted by James of himself and his twin brother, Nick, and their two mini-me daughters, Grace and Scout, who were able to pass by as sisters. We can’t get over how close they look to their beautiful daughters.

Scout (R) and her look-alike cousin Grace (L) are described by James as the “funniest little angels.”

“Family time with Scout & Grace… Flower girls at my sisters wedding!”

In the Stewart clan, the family resemblance runs deep! Although James’ twin brother Nick and his little girl Grace are sharing an embrace, James and Scout cuddle up (L).

With this sweet family picture, James wished his fans a Merry Christmas.

In 2017, James recruited a new supporter from Queensland for the State Of Origin.

With this photo of Scout, James wished ex Jess Happy Mother’s Day, carrying an adorable hand-made card.

Black and white beauty: a series of portraits were posted by James, writing: “Growing so fast… x”

“My little Princess,” James wrote this selfie alongside him.

Yeah. Hats? Uh, check. Cute grins? Uh, check. From the early days, James and his mini-me were in sync!


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