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Home And Away 7456 TUE (10 NOV 2020) [HD EPISODE]

The big guns are carried out by Home and Away and not the weapons of Tane, while they are there, but a slow-motion shot of a brick crashing through the window, and Ziggy blurts out details of the murder of dead Ross. Oh, the drama!


The Paracas and Mac are all very deprived of sleep because they take turns waiting for the baddies that might emerge at any moment.

Tane is in his element because he loves the terms “honor” and “family security.”

By telling the bad guys that the van isn’t coming back and he doesn’t have the money, he gets on his phone and makes it worse, so they need to find a way to fix things.

When a brick is hurled through the window with a note attached to it, a very neatly written note, Tane happens to be on guard.

Tane escapes in broad daylight from his own house to meet the creep and the baseball batman.

For Tane, they have another job.

The head creep maintains that there will be “no drugs,” meaning that when Ari hits the party, there will certainly be drugs.

Surprisingly, Ari is on board and the brothers are shaking hands and getting ready for their “last task” and making sure they are not caught.


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