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Home And Away 7458 THU (12 NOV 2020) [HD EPISODE] Part 1/3

Home and Away’s UK Season Finale to air Friday 20th November

The final episode of Home and Away in the UK will air on Friday 20th November, Channel 5 have confirmed.

To ensure it doesn’t catch up with the Australian broadcasts, the show takes a winter break every year. We are currently about a month behind the Aussie airings in the UK, with next Friday’s “UK final” episode on Thursday 22nd October airing down under.

We don’t know when the show will be back in 2021, but because it usually takes a six-week break, we should expect it to be back on our screens at the beginning of January.

As Colby’s world closes in on him, the final week of episodes will see some drastic changes, and Dean makes a significant decision about his and Jai’s future.

Dean struggles to come to terms with the decision of Amber not to allow his mum into the life of Jai. When the actions of Amber’s own mother, Francesca, becomes more and more unpredictable, he ends up being driven to the edge.

He goes to her house to see his son, but he’s shocked when he finds the kid alone there, with Francesca nowhere in sight. He makes a huge decision — he’s going to take Jay down, unable to believe that Amber’s mum will be so dumb.

Dean goes off the radar by bundling Jai in the car and offering him an adventure. In essence, he has abducted his own son and leaves Amber frantically trying to get in contact with him.

Before he risks losing access to Jai forever, can he see sense and return to Summer Bay?

You can see a trailer of Dean’s big step above that aired before the storyline was broadcast in Australia.

Australia also takes a summer break each year, with the show usually off the air from mid to late November until late January or early February (the Australian summer coincides with the British winter, just in case you’re confused!).

The date of the final episode in Australia has not been confirmed yet, but it may only be a few weeks away.

Currently, Australian audiences see two big stories playing out, which are sure to feature heavily in the season finale. The world of Colby is unraveling when more and more inhabitants of the Bay learn that he murdered Ross Nixon, as the evidence leading to his capture is presented by a mysterious witness.

Meanwhile, after Tane gets caught up in a drug deal gone bad, the Paratas are facing a grim future. Today, when drug dealers seek vengeance, the entire family is in danger.

It is still uncertain how the stories will finish, but we look set to see one big returnee helping sort things out before the end of the year, as Heath Braxton gets embroiled in the messy situation of the Parata brothers.

As soon as we know the date of the Australian season finale, we will inform you.

Last year, the festive break saw a series of Christmas specials airing behind the scenes in both countries. ‘Home and Away: Christmas in Summer Bay’ brought us back to the stage and gave us an insight into how the cast would spend the holiday season, as well as giving us some hints as to what the year ahead was in store.

Unfortunately, it looks like this year we’re not going to be treated to the same thing, meaning we’re going to have 6 empty weeks without a Summer Bay drama.


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