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Home and Away Spoilers – Colby’s sent to prison as Willow testifies

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Willow (Sarah Roberts) does the unthinkable and testifies in court, as she’s revealed as the witness set to bring down Colby. As Colby’s sentence is read out, how will Summer Bay recover from this?

The triple bill of episodes last week saw the show pull off one of the greatest changes in years. Willow Harris was discovered to be the enigmatic Witness X, and Angelo’s secret to solving the Ross Nixon murder case, in the final moments of Thursday’s show.

She, Colby, Dean, and Bella were all together for the final evening, thinking it would be the last time they all hung out. As Colby went for a few minutes of fresh air on the veranda, Willow joined him. It was there that he admitted to her how much he had fucked up and how from the moment he killed Ross, he had signed an arrest warrant of his own.


Of course, it’s too late for regret now with his increasing feelings for Taylor the only thing which has made him realise what a fool he’s been.

Willow was carrying a recording unit around her waist, unbeknownst to him, which she turned over to Detective Rosetta only minutes later. “Your dumb confession is here! She uttered as she handed the belt over on the threshold of tears, aware that the gesture would rip the lives of her friends apart.

“Speaking to TV Week about what motivated Willow to support the detective, Sarah Roberts said It took a bit to get my head around, but I could defend it in the sense that she’s going to do something for her dad, because in my own life I’m the same.


We may not yet know why Willow wanted to help Angelo, but after the episodes aired on Thursday, the internet has been filled with hypotheses. By kin, does she refer to her real-life family, or the family of Summer Bay?

The most rational thing is that she needs to help Dean rebuild his life—they grew up together, have been best friends again for years, and have seen first-hand the traumatic effect Colby has on his life. The Ross discovery ended his friendship with Ziggy. Thanks to his relationship with Colby, he’s now lost access to his kid, and he feels like he has nothing else.

It will be a very dangerous move, though, given that Dean was there at the time of Ross’s murder, and has been keeping the secret ever since. The role he played would have land him in prison, unless Willow made a bargain with Angelo. Is she purchased liberation from her closest friend in exchange for a confession?

Or does it have anything to do with her father, perhaps? Since before Willow arrived in Summer Bay in 2017, Russell has been in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, with some fans speculating that help with the care of her father may be part of their contract.

When the witness list came back with the name of ‘Witness X’ blacked out, Colby’s luck ran out last week. He and Dean were hoping that they could get to the witness first and threaten them with secrecy, but Colby had to face reality when that attempt failed. His last dream was that Angelo was bluffing, that Witness X doesn’t actually know anything, but he’s really started to believe that he’s facing substantial jail time.

This week will see Colby’s trial begin, with Angelo now confident he has enough to put Thorne away for a long time. As you can see in the dramatic new trailer above, Colby, Dean and Bella still have no idea who the mystery witness is, up until the very second that Willow is called up.

She has another fight on her hands in the hours before the verdict, when she must persuade Dean to keep his mouth shut. Knowing that his best friend is about to go down, Dean confesses to her that he feels bad and that for his own part in Ross’s death, he should face the music.

“I should man up. Accept my part in what happened and face this with Colby.”

“Don’t you dare,” she tells him. “We’ve talked about this”.

“He’s my best mate, Will,” pleads Dean.

“And you’re mine! Just promise me you’ll keep your mouth shut and don’t do anything stupid.”

“She even has to deal with Bella’s unwanted guilt trip, when the teenager rhetorically asks her, “Does this witness really know anything about dad? Does this witness know anyone? Do they know they’re going to break apart a family? ”


It seems she understands the consequences of what she is going to do all too well.

When the doors unlock, the warning rings out through the court: “Willow Harris, the lawyer phones.”

The prosecutors played a tape of Colby confessing to the crime, leaving everyone stunned in the room.

Willow goes to the booth and gives her an account of the events of the fateful day. She draws an image of Dean and Bella, who are innocent, tossing Colby under the bus and defending her parents.

It is going to be hard for Dean and Bella to come back from this. Over the past few months, Colby may not have been anybody’s favorite guy, but that doesn’t mean they want to see him behind bars.

“Sarah told TV Week, “[Willow] turns Colby in to rescue them. “She knew the family would be ripped apart by this, so she made a choice.”

Even if she does so with the best of reasons, Dean is just not the kind of guy to cooperate with the police, so how is he going to react to doing just that to his best friend?

As for Bella, who over the past few years has been facing trust problems and mental health issues, she’s just about to find out that someone she trusted absolutely is about to send her brother away for a very long time.

How’s the crew going to come back from this?

The next day, Colby embraced his destiny and took himself to the stand. He confesses everything not giving Dean the chance to include himself, and says he did it all himself, totally wiping Dean’s part from the plot.

Bella breaks down as she watches her brother be lead away as he is sentenced to 25 years in jail. It’s over.

Is it for Colby’s time in Summer Bay, really?



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