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Home and Away co-stars Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman reveal the challenges of having both an on and off-screen romance

They’re the ‘golden couple’ of Home and Away, who have a romantic relationship both on and off-screen.

However, Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman have conceded that living two lives has its drawbacks.


The couple, whose on-screen romance has seen them survive car accidents and a near-fatal poisoning, told New Idea that bringing these storylines to life was ‘hard work’ because they’re so unlike their laid-back real lives.

Sophie, who plays Ziggy Astoni, remarked, “It’s actually incredibly hard work.” ‘Being able to make Paddy’s and my characters’ instincts seem natural when they aren’t our own is a fun challenge.’

She went on to say that the couple, who live together in Sydney, recognize the value of turning off at the end of the day, describing their home as a “haven.”

Patrick, who plays Dean Thompson, stated that filming some of the more hardcore storylines this year has been a blast.

‘I had a lot of fun acting out the automobile accident scenarios,’ he remarked. ‘It was a wonderful shoot to be a part of, and watching the car get flipped from behind the scenes was incredible – not to mention the stunning surroundings of Yass and Wee Jasper in New South Wales.’

In another part of their conversation, the couple expressed their desire to spend Christmas with their relatives in Queensland.

Sophie and Patrick have been in a relationship since connecting on the Channel Seven drama.

It is unclear when things became serious between the two.

Sophie has been a member of the cast for a little longer than Patrick, playing Ziggy since June 2017.

Patrick, on the other hand, joined the cast of Home And Away in the year 2018 as Dean Thompson.

Their characters did not get along in the beginning. They did, however, become close friends and, eventually, lovers, over time.

The couple has known each other for eight years and even attended the same Queensland acting school.


Sophie told TV Week in January, ‘We were workmates initially, and it’s helped us work well together now, so we’re blessed in that aspect.’

‘We are best mates and treat each other like that, but it’s also made our relationship stronger starting out that way.’

Patrick added his relationship with the blonde bombshell was ‘pretty chilled’.


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