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Home and Away confirms Witness X identity ahead of Colby Thorne’s trial

Home and Away has revealed Witness X’s name.

A tense new promo, which can be seen at the top of the list, has teased killer Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) with a massive shock as he finally finds out which of his allies betrayed him.

The latest on-air episodes in Australia have seen Colby being charged with Ross Nixon ‘s murder after someone came forward to give a witness statement to Detective Angelo Rosetta.

The show has now reported that the person who has turned against Colby, in a bombshell plot twist, is Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts).

The latest promo from Home and Abroad, promising scenes set to air in Australia next week and in the UK in early 2021, shows Colby left shellshocked as the truth comes to light at his trial.

When Willow is called to offer proof against him in court, Colby can’t believe what’s happening. Ultimately, will her testimony send Colby off to jail, crushing his sister Bella Nixon and best friend Dean Thompson?

The presence of Willow comes as a huge shock, as she has known about the remorse of Colby since last year and covered his dark secret loyally.

Over time, though, as his acts have begun to negatively affect those around him, Willow has become worried about Colby ‘s attitude towards the cover-up. This was the last straw, it appears, causing her to switch sides.

Up until Friday, November 20, when the show takes its annual winter break on UK screens, Home and Away will broadcast new episodes on Channel 5.

Scheduling specifics are yet to be reported for Australia’s season finale on Channel 7.


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