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Home and Away diner and bait shop to be demolished

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It’s been the scene of numerous break-ups, make-ups, and even the occasional explosion.


The Boathouse Palm Beach, which was utilized for filming exterior scenes, is slated to be demolished, therefore producers of Home and Away may have to find a new location for the cafe and Alf’s Bait House.

The building’s owners, a group of Palm Beach families, have filed plans to the Northern Beaches Council, according to Manly Daily.

If granted, the facility would be demolished over the course of six months to make way for a brand new $4 million knock-down, “like-for-like” renovation.

“The new building has exactly the same footprint as the existing one,” he told the paper.

“The landlord wants to rebuild in the same weatherboard style and have the same casual cafe feel.

“The difference is there will be bigger bathrooms and the kitchen will be larger and modern.

“It is a necessary thing, the rebuild is well overdue. The upstairs is in a bad condition.”

The fictional bait shop has been a recurring character in Home and Away since its debut in 1988.

It has employed a number of high-profile fictitious workers, including Marcus Graham, who played Harvey Ryan, and James Stewart, who plays Justin Morgan on the show.

After Ray Meagher’s character, the iconic Alf Stewart, suffered a heart attack, his character became the temporary manager.

There’s no word yet on how the producers will react if the destruction goes ahead, but it’s possible they’ll capture exterior images ahead of time.


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